Doctor Aphra #25 Review: The life you deserve


Doctor Aphra’s last few escape attempts from Accresker Jail haven’t ended well. Will she finally break free of the prison and find freedom once more?

SPOILERS AHEAD for Doctor Aphra #25! You have been warned.

Well, it finally happened. If you haven’t come up with a ship name for Aphra and Tolvan, you can now. If you’re willing to do so while also maybe crying a little.

Who’s going to let Bor Ifriem wipe their mind? Each blames themselves for Vader’s close pursuit, and each desperately wants to save the other. In the end, it’s Tolvan that wants to make the ultimate sacrifice – and in a way, it’s Aphra who makes a bigger one instead.

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Tolvan’s “I love you,” though. It makes her sacrifice – or her attempt at one – so much sweeter.

But before she can erase her own memory, Aphra makes sure her memories are altered so that Tolvan can convince Vader she’s no longer alive.

Was it selfish? Maybe. Was it definitely something Aphra would do in a tight spot? Absolutely.

But the twists didn’t end there. Because who we thought was a shapeshifter actually isn’t. His true identity is so much worse.

Surprise! Lopset Yaz is actually Dr. Cornelius Evazan – the real one. And he’s placed his proximity bomb inside Triple-Zero, making sure that Aphra can’t escape him without risking immediate death.

After running from him for so long, Aphra now finds herself bound to him indefinitely. We leave her in one final frame, waiting for Triple-Zero to wake up, knowing that this time, she won’t be able to escape his reach.

Or will she?

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics/Disney.

Triple-Zero has a way of taunting Aphra with her own insecurities. Her guilt, her regret, her shame – he isn’t going to let her bury it.

He was programmed for torture, after all. Not all torture has to be physical.

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Aphra’s next issue is going to be an interesting ride. Obviously she’ll find a way to get out of the mess she’s in and escape with her life as usual.

But at what cost? How much more psychological torture can she endure? When is enough really enough?