5 Funny Star Wars names for characters revealed later


Some of the names in Star Wars can be a bit wacky. We look at five names from the universe that stand out for their strangeness.

The real first and last names of some familiar faces in the Star Wars universe can be surprising, and kind of hilarious. Here’s a bunch of Star Wars names for characters that you may not have known, especially if you’re primarily a film fan, and that definitely need to be talked about more.

Star Wars names can stick in your head like craft glitter if they’re particularly strange, like Greedo, Phasma, and Enfys Nest. They’re bizarre! They’re science fiction!

I’ll never forget the name Mari Amithest, a Youngling who appeared in Attack of the Clones and had maybe one line.

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Remember the old Star Wars name generator name game, where you took the first three letters of your last name and the first two letters of your first name?

That makes me Thole, for example. The names can also be commonplace, like Luke, Ben, and Orson.

Reading comics, guides, trading cards, exploring the pre-Disney Expanded Universe (RIP), and binging supplemental Star Wars TV shows however reveals a whole bunch of Star Wars canon and a whole bunch of names that deserve more attention.

Beru Whitesun

Before marrying Owen Lars, Aunt Beru’s maiden name was Whitesun. Her family appears in Troy Denning’s novel Tatooine Ghost. According to Wookiepedia, “Whitsun” was originally the surname of Anakin’s stepfather Cliegg in an older screenplay draft. It’s not the wackiest unknown name out there, but it is interesting — especially considering that Beru’s planet has multiple suns and that her future mother-in-law Shmi Skywalker also had a name that evoked the heavens above.

Armitage Hux

I believe we have Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy to thank for this, though the name may have been scribbled down and left in a drawer at Lucasfilm. Besides those who picked up Aftermath, Fanfic writers and seekers alike might already know that Kylo Ren’s easily flustered right-hand man “General Hugs” has a first name as English and stodgy as the man himself.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Sheev Palpatine

This is my personal favorite, because… what now? The big bad’s name is Sheev?? No wonder the conniving Senator wanted democracy to die to thunderous applause. I would too if my parents named me Sheev. His entire space fascist regime and path to becoming a Sith Lord was probably just an excuse to drop Sheev and go by “Darth” or “Emperor” or literally anything else. What kind of a name is Sheev!?

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Wilhuff Tarkin

You probably knew that Grand Moff was a title, not a name, but Wilhuff is about as unfortunate as Armitage and Sheev, let’s be real. Now I’m actually starting to feel bad for the leaders of the Empire and the First Order. Then again, Ben Solo had a perfectly respectable name and he insisted on changing it to Kylo.

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Gial Ackbar

It’s not a trap, the Mon Calamari Admiral’s name is Gial — and he had a niece named Jesmin who was an X-Wing pilot!

Have you discovered any other fun Star Wars names while delving further into the galaxy far, far away? There’s so much information and canon out there to be discovered, you can easily get lost finding fun facts to share with your friends. Sheev, though.