Han Solo’s Top 5 Moments In Star Wars


Han Solo has had some incredible moments over the years. Here are the top five moments from Star Wars.

When I reflect on the characters of the Star Wars universe, there are very few who I love as much as Han Solo. He is perhaps the most beloved character in the entire franchise.

And it’s easy to understand why.

He had the coolest dialogue, saved Luke Skywalker twice, flew the best ship in the galaxy, and even got the girl in the end.

We’re going to honor our dear captain and look at his best moments throughout the films. These are Han Solo’s top five moments in Star Wars:

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

5. When Han gets frozen in carbonite

This might seem like a poor choice upfront, but if you were being frozen in carbonite with Darth Vader breathing down your neck you probably wouldn’t be able to stay as cool and collected as Han does . It takes a real hero to be as grounded and confident as he was in this moment. He comforts his dear friend Chewbacca and delivers one of his most icon lines to Princess Leia. “I know.”

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

4. Flying through an asteroid field

I can’t think of too many pilots in the Star Wars universe that could have pulled this maneuver off. I doubt even Lando’s in the battle of Taanab was this impressive. He successfully evades the empire and navigates the crew through a barrage of speeding asteroids – even though the odds were 3,720 to 1. I guess they would’ve been crazy to follow him.

3. Blasting Darth Vader’s ship in the first Death Star

If Captain Solo hadn’t have helped everyone’s favorite farm boy out who knows how badly this might’ve ended. Just when you’re fearing for Luke’s life, Han swings in and unexpectedly saves the day. “Yee-hoo!” Because the fate of the galaxy basically depends on Luke’s survival, without Han helping out there’s a good chance that the rebels would’ve been doomed here.

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2. When he saves Luke on Hoth

Han developed a knack for pulling Luke out of tight situations in Episodes IV and V. Had he not come to his rescue after his near fatal encounter with a wampa, Luke would’ve died.

“That’s two ya owe me junior.”

Not to mention, it takes a man with a nose of steel to have to deal with the smell of a dissected ton-ton. Again, another potentially galaxy saving move from our captain.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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1.    His death

This moment is without a doubt the most devastating in Star Wars history. I literally cried when I saw it happen for the first time. Despite his occasionally questionable character as a notorious smuggler, Solo always came through when it counted. At the end of the day he gave the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to convert his own son back to the light side. Rest in peace captain.

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