Fanboys still holds up for Star Wars fans


Nearly 10 years later, Fanboys has held up against the test of time for Star Wars fans. The comedic quest doesn’t hold back on the film franchise or the fans.

Fanboyswhich came out in 2009, opens with audiences time traveling to Halloween 1998, with three friends Linus (Christopher Marquette), Windows (Jay Baruchel) and Hutch (Dan Fogler) dressed as Darth Vader and two Storm Troopers much to the rest of the partygoers’ disinterest.

They reunite with an old friend Eric (Sam Huntington), who is also attending the party and has seemingly forgotten his Star Wars roots. While Eric works as a car salesman for his father’s dealership, Hutch, Windows, and their friend Zoe (Kristen Bell) work at a comic book store where they make it evident that Trekkies (Star Trek fans) are not welcome.

After Eric’s reunion with Linus had epically failed Halloween night, (which included the heartbreaking revelation Linus is dying from cancer), Eric hopes to make amends. Years ago the group dreamed of traveling to the Skywalker Ranch but never made the journey. He suggests they go for it and from there the film takes off!

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Not only were they trying to achieve the impossible but also obtain the yet to be released Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace before Linus dies. From there, the group finds themselves in some of the most outrageous and yet familiar situations. From battling Trekkies on their home turf of Riverside, Iowa, to trying to outrun the police and even finding themselves in the midst of a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, it’s apparent this road trip has become more than they expected.

In between the digs at Star Trek and arguments over Star Wars lore, they each evolve and overcome personal troubles. For one, Eric finds himself caught between his passion for drawing and his current job, which has not been rewarding. While his love of Star Wars starts to shine through, he is conflicted as to whether he should embrace it or grow up and away from it.

Windows finds himself so deep in his interest for Star Wars, especially his online communication with Rogue Leader (that turns into a crazy Catfish story) that he doesn’t notice Zoe has had feelings for him the entire time. This is a revelation that thankfully opens his eyes upon the successful infiltration of the Skywalker Ranch.

Adding to that Hutch is able to effectively use his artistic talents from his very impressive Star Wars-themed van and turning it into an actual business. Last but not least, Linus looked back on his life full of memories thanks to the science fiction films without any regrets.

Throughout the film, several surprise cameos in the world of comic books and science fiction make appearances including William Shatner, Kevin Smith and Star Wars actors Carrie Fisher, Bill Dee Williams and Ray Park.

Although the film has had mixed reactions amongst Star Wars fans, the adventure itself cannot be overlooked. What fan hasn’t argued if the kiss between Luke and Leia was for good luck or something more? What fan hasn’t questioned the Force itself? Perhaps some even went as far as to torment Star Trek fans.

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The most memorable scene is easily when the group finally arrives at the Skywalker Ranch. Not only do they come across interesting film props from Willow and Raiders of the Lost Ark but they face over the top security guards, escape a room modeled like the garbage shoot Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca were trapped in, and come face to face with the ultimate Star Wars fan questioning session to prove their worth.

The ending is too good to spoil here but it easily connects fans with the laugh-out-loud reality of the film they have been trying to obtain. Fanboys is relatable in how it portrays passionate Star Wars fans old and new while rubbing shoulders with the never-ending quest of finding and defeating our own Death Star.

Have you seen Fanboys? If so, what were your thoughts on the film? Leave your answers in the comments down below! I’d love to read them!