Star Wars Resistance preview: Captain Doza is hiding a secret


Star Wars Resistance returns with a brand new episode this Sunday. Check out a preview of “The High Tower” that focuses on Doza’s secret.

Star Wars Resistance is certainly a show that’s felt geared more toward kids in its first few episodes. However, it looks like we will be seeing the show dive more into the bigger picture of things within the universe. New characters will lead to new connections.

“The High Tower” refers to the literal tower where people in power look down on the others. Captain Doza is one of those people and I suspect we will be learning more about that character going forward.

In this week’s preview, we learn who Captain Doza works for and its going to lead to some interesting developments. We know Poe sent Kaz to the Colossus to do some spy work, but there hasn’t been too terribly much for him to report until now.

Kaz is inexperienced, but he has a certain tenacity about him. He wants to be a bit lazy when it comes to doing his cover work, but I do believe he truly wants to help people. If the First Order have someone keeping an eye on things, there’s probably a specific reason for it.

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What else could Kaz uncover in this episode? Since we know so little about everyone in the show right now, there are a ton of possibilities. We’ll just have to watch “The High Tower” to find out.

Star Wars Resistance airs on the Disney Channel on Sunday nights at 10 PM.