Star Wars: Episode IX: Pray the superweapon leak turns out to be wrong


A new Star Wars: Episode IX leak about a super weapon is doing the rounds and if it is true, the franchise is well and truly stuck in a loop.

You’ve probably already seen the new Star Wars: Episode IX leak doing the rounds. Like most leaks they could turn out to be true, they could not. However, this is certainly one that we hope is the latter. Because if it is true, then Star Wars has got itself in a rut, that it probably won’t be able to get out of.

A new superweapon is on the way. Kylo Ren and the First Order are once again building a weapon that can destroy a planet. The leak was initially reported by The Express, and details about Kylo viewing the weapon via a hologram.

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Basically, we could be getting another Death Star, which would just be an utter disaster for the franchise as it would come off as a complete rehash of Return of the Jedi, and I can’t honestly see fans getting behind this.

One of the biggest criticisms about The Force Awakens is how similar it is to a New Hope. Starkiller Base was pretty much just a big, planet-sized Death Star, and fans really didn’t appreciate it.

If they honestly went and did the same thing with Star Wars: Episode IX, create a rehash of Return of the Jedi, it will go down like a ton of bricks. The next installment is to end the Skywalker era and make way for what is next. But if they end this trilogy the same way they did the original, what message does that send for what they have planned for the future?

“Hey, come and see the new Star Wars trilogy, there’s a 99 percent chance we just created a rehash of the original movies again because we know you liked them.”

Fans are not going to go out and see it. What they need to do is take risks and do something new. Like what they did with The Last Jedi, and yes ok, not everybody liked it, but at least they took a risk and made a good go of it.

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Creating another version of the Death Star, no matter where you stick it doesn’t matter if it’s in a planet, attached to a ship, or whatever. Creating another one is basically sending the Star Wars universe into a constant loop. And why would I just go see the same stories played out over and over again just with better graphics?

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What do you think? Are you ok with another Death Star? Or do you want something new and fresh? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.