Star Wars Resistance: Kaz comes to face-to-face with the First Order


The First Order has come aboard the Colossus and Kaz must do what it takes to learn of their reasons while not getting caught in the latest Star Wars Resistance.

Kaz has been a spy for the Resistance for a little while now, and he’s gotten an inkling or two about the First Order. Star Wars Resistance Episode 5 changes all of that.

Kaz gets up close with the First Order in the latest episode when he learns they have come aboard the Colossus to meet with Captain Doza. This is Kaz’s chance to do the mission Poe sent him to do, but it’s not without it’s issues.

He nearly gets caught when a receiver he placed on a droid going into a meeting between Doza and the First Order causes interference. He escapes by jumping through a window and climbing across a ledge on the outside of the Colossus, while the denizens look on and take bets if Kaz will meet his demise.

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But one thing Kaz doesn’t realize is that not everything is as it seems.

While Kaz is suspicious of Captain Doza it doesn’t seem that he is actually in league with them – at least not fully. He may run a few deals for them out of the Colossus, as it seems it’s one of the few fueling stations around, but Captain Doza has a line he won’t cross and paying the First Order money is one of them.

The First Order and Major Vonreg are using an old mafia tactic. Send in pirates to attack a place and then offer protection against them for a price. It’s an old tried and true trick, which is why it generally works, but Doza isn’t interested in being strong armed.

Instead, the First Order leave when Torra covers for Kaz, but now Doza wants to know more about Kaz, the man hanging out with his daughter.

I was hoping not to see a “love” story between Kaz and Torra. For starters, she’s just 16 and he is about 20 years old. Secondly, it’s unnecessary and would already muddle the storyline. The writers briefly touched on it when Kaz entered Torra’s bedroom and she misunderstood why he was there by trying to turn him down easily. Hopefully, that thread ends with Kaz jumping out of her window.

But what other reasons will Kaz and Torra be able to give her dad why for he was visiting her in the first place – and then sneaking off?

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It’s a tricky situation, but at least the stakes have been ramped up a bit with the First Order showing themselves on the Colossus. But it still doesn’t tell us who the mole is (I’m betting on Aunt Z because she was quick to point her finger at Captain Doza).

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