7 Scary moments in Star Wars films that still give you the chills


This Halloween, we take a look at some of the scariest and spookiest scenes from the Star Wars films. Hang tight!

Star Wars is far from a horror franchise, but there are plenty of scenes in the films that will leave you with more than just a bad feeling. Especially if you’re watching for the first time as a kid, Star Wars has some scary moments, from doom-filled dreams to creatures popping out when you least expect it.

Force ghosts may be friendly, and not everyone knows there are witches in Star Wars comics, but embrace the Halloween spirit and those Star Wars film fears with me.

A lot of the tense feelings have to do with the score. John Williams can give us the warm fuzzies one minute and then strike fear into our hearts with the “Imperial March” at the drop of a Stormtrooper’s helmet.

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It also depends a lot on your (certain) point of view ‚— if your favorite character is Luke, you might be more scared when he’s in danger than Han, or Leia, or Lando.

There’s so much bureaucracy in the prequel trilogy, you may have forgotten that Padme is almost attacked in bed by a space centipede, but those who are scared of creepy crawly things will remember.

Here are some of the other scariest moments, in no particular order:

1. The Trash Compactor In A New Hope

Also known as the reason yours truly didn’t watch the original Star Wars until she was a young adult. I couldn’t get past this scene! The trio is finally together, and their first big test is incredibly stressful and scary.

2. Luke’s Cave Vision in Empire Strikes Back

Falling under the category of “too spooky,” the Dagobah cave scene is worse than some haunted houses.

Photo credit: Lucasfilm

3. Rey’s Cave Vision in The Last Jedi

Before it turned into a fun Fosse number, Rey’s visions of the Dark Side’s power, along with her earlier visions of all that death and decay are so creepy!

4. The Exogorth In Empire Strikes Back

Not a cave, but almost worse! The original trilogy sure had a lot of jump scares, and the mynock that flies into the Falcon and scares the Sith’s blood out of Leia is certainly one of them.

5. Anakin Versus The Younglings In Revenge Of The Sith

We all knew what Anakin was going to become by the end of the prequel trilogy, but that didn’t make this scene any less terrifying — especially if you, like me, grew attached to some of those younglings when they were first introduced in Attack of the Clones.

6. Oola Versus The Rancor In Return Of The Jedi

OK, depending on which edition of Jedi you’re watching, this scene has a different musical number and cut, edit-wise. Still, in all versions the scene in Jabba’s palace goes from a fun palace to brutal murder way too quick. The way the poor Twi’lek girl’s eyes widen before she starts screaming will haunt you.

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7. The Whole End Of Rogue One

That whole, slow burn realization of what’s about to go down with these otherwise victorious rebels… leading to the brutal beyond brutal arrival of Vader himself? That’ll fill anyone with a sick sense of fear and dread.