8 planets Jedi wouldn’t travel to for any reason


In a galaxy where anything could happen, the Jedi had reasons for not setting foot on certain planets. We look at eight planets no Jedi would want to travel to.

During any timeframe in Star Wars history, the Jedi Order had places they could venture, but others didn’t go to certain planets for a variety of explanations. Anakin and Luke Skywalker’s least favorite planet became Tatooine. For the Council, Sith-infested worlds were on the no travel list.

Most Jedi shared the same views on many planets. Not everyone expressed the same views. StarWars.com featured six scary planets recently, and we’re going deeper.

Here’s a list of eight planets Jedi wouldn’t want to travel to.

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8. Malachor

A planet affiliated with the Sith, Malachor became a no-go for the Republic. It made its physical debut in the Rebels Season 2 finale, ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’.

During the early events of the Rebels Season 2 finale, Ezra asked why the planet wasn’t a place they should go. and Kanan explained the Jedi told the younglings stories to scare them away from going there.

The planet became the place where Kanan lost his sight during a fight with Maul and where Ahsoka went up against Vader. During this duel, she realized her beloved master had become a monster. Her fate became ambiguous until Season 4 where it’s shown she survived her duel with Vader.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

7. Mustafar

A true Star Wars fan understands the planets. Hellish and George Lucas’s version of hell, Mustafar became the embellished visualization of the devil’s lair.

The planet became key to Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader during Revenge of the Sith. The location became a place of death and rebirth for Anakin Skywalker. He died and became reborn as Darth Vader.

The world became Vader’s home where he constructed a fortress of Lord Momin’s design. What makes Mustafar such a tragic place, is the story that goes behind Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side and the role the volcanic planet played. He lost what he held dear here. He lost his beloved wife, Padmé and the child she carried. For him, Mustafar became the place where he’d suffered defeat at the hands of Obi-Wan. He even lost what remained of his physical body.

A throwaway line in the penultimate episode of Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels implied the hellish nature of the volcanic planet. When Kanan got kidnapped by the Empire, his partner Hera and their friends went searching for him.

Sabine became confused, saying she didn’t know the planet. Shaken, Hera solemnly mentioned she’d heard of Mustafar. She explained the hellhole was the place where Jedi go to die.

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6. Sullust

Even after the Clone Wars, Sullust wasn’t a planet Jedi wouldn’t go to. Sharing characteristics with Mustafar, Sullust was an otherwise barren planet with lava.

Dooku tried to spread turmoil on the political front before the Clone Wars. Also, the planet hosted a Clone Wars conflict fought by the Jedi and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Count Dooku ran the CIS while Grievous became his main lackey.

During the Empire’s reign, Sullust became nothing more than a vassal for the greed its new master’s power. Sullust served as a mining facility where it became the Imperial regime’s primary resource for fuel.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars Rebels] Lucasfilm

5. Mortis

Fans of The Clone Wars may remember Mortis, a planet the galaxy forgot. It served as the home of three celestial beings.

During the arc, we learn the Father served as the middleman between his children. His son embodied the dark while his daughter embodied the light. The trio served as respected parts of the Force itself.

The Son transformed himself into Anakin’s late mother, Shmi and tried to turn him to the Dark Side. As Skywalker’s late mother, the being tried to make him abandon his marriage to Padmé.

Ahsoka became influenced by the Dark Side and before she died. The Daughter sacrificed herself to save the teenager. Anakin helped revive his Padawan. As for Obi-Wan, the spirit of the late Qui-Gon Jinn appeared before him. What’s more is that once the Jedi trio left the planet, they couldn’t remember what happened.

Valley of the Sith Lords. Photo credit Lucasfilm [Star Wars: The Clone Wars

4. Moraband

Moraband is the canon Sith homeworld. Creator George Lucas preferred the new name over the original legends name. The Wookieepedia page states the canon moniker went by Korriban before it received the current name.

Force Priestesses had Yoda go to the abandoned planet. They wanted him to see the resting place of the dead Sith in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

The reason Jedi don’t travel to Moraband is because there is an execution chamber. When the planet served as home to the Sith, Jedi got captured and later killed.

Photo credit: Lucasfilm/The Clone Wars

2. Dathomir

Home to the Nightsisters and their Nightbrother counterparts, Dathomir came across as evil. If you were a Jedi, you steered clear. During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin paid the planet a visit. They’d stumbled onto the planet during their search for Savage Opress. They learned Ventress had taken Oppress as a mate.

The planet gained a mention several years into the Empire by Maul when he contacts Qi’ra about a job. About eight years later, meal returns to Dathomir with Ezra Bridger in tow. Maul takes the young Jedi to the Nightsister village where they reveal information they discovered to each other.

1. Kamino

The Jedi have always had a dicey relationship with Kamino. They didn’t know Sifo-Dyas ordered a batch of clones created from the DNA of Jango Fett.

What happened on Kamino after the Clone Wars remained a mystery. According to Imperial Stormtroopers, the cloning facility got closed down at an undisclosed time. No other reveal about what happened to the rest of the planet or who they sided with during the Empire’s rule.

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Okay, the Jedi had every reason to avoid planets. It’s understandable because they never knew who they could trust. Especially when a madman wanted to rule the galaxy under their noses. Every planet had reasons for allying with the Empire.

Though, when the Jedi became a dying breed, they slipped under the radar. They would have been detected almost straightaway because of the Emperor’s orders to exterminate Jedi on sight.