Tell us more! Adam Driver gives cryptic response about Kylo Ren


Adam Driver gives a cryptic answer about his role as Kylo Ren, which makes us want to know more about the direction of Star Wars. Episode IX.

Even though we’re all clamoring for updates on Star Wars: Episode IX, even the actors are careful not to give up anything.

Adam Driver gave a cryptic response in a recent interview with Vulture, and it wasn’t as though the interviewer was trying to get any juicy gossip out of him. Driver was asked what’s the most interesting thing playing Kylo Ren?

He could have said anything from being a force wielder to the connection with Rey or having to kill his own father to prove himself to the Dark Side.

No, instead, Driver evaded the question with this response:

"That’s hard to say because we’re working toward something in particular with that character. I don’t want to give anything away."

While we don’t actually know what it means, I feel like it says a lot about where Kylo Ren is headed. Perhaps it’s not the typical good guy vs. bad guy ending we are getting. Kylo Ren has struggled with his emotions since The Force Awakens, allowing them to get the better of him and at times looking like a child throwing a tantrum.

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But this could mean Kylo Ren has progressed – though I don’t want to use the word mature here. Perhaps Kylo Ren as the potential new head of the First Order has found a way to rein in those emotions and focus them into one main goal – rid the galaxy of the Resistance.

Of course, this is all just speculation because all we have are rumors and fan theories to go on right now – and there are plenty of those going around.

But even though Driver gave just 21 words about his role as Kylo Ren it’s what he didn’t say that has me intrigued about the path of Star Wars: Episode IX. The excitement level has increased by at least one point.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to come out in December 2019.