Star Wars Resistance: The First Order has deadly intentions in “The Children from Tehar”


Kaz is looking for two children for a large bounty as the answer to many of his problems. One issue: The First Order wants them too on this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance.

Kaz is learning just how awful the First Order is when he finds the only two surviving children on Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 6 “The Children from Tehar.”

In true Kaz fashion, he manages to break a compensator Tam needs for her ship. She forces him to find a new one, but they’re expensive and rare. As he tries to drown his sorrows in a cup of water, he hears two children on the run with a bounty of 20,000 credits on their heads.

He sees dollars signs without thinking why two kids would have such a huge bounty on them. Of course, it’s the First Order.

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It turns out Kylo Ren destroyed their people, including their parents and they’re the only survivors. The First Order wants to put an end to all of it.

Hearing Kylo Ren and his army (Knights of Ren?) killed their people came as a bit of surprise, but a good reminder how terrible and evil the First Order and Kylo Ren are.

As Rey has tried to bring Kylo back from the dark side in The Last Jedi, there is no coming back for him. He’s killed, maimed, and destroyed everything in his path including his own family. Two kids from Tehar are nothing compared to that.

But Kaz forgets the money when he realizes the children are in danger. He comes up with a plan to save them using his new friends in maintenance. They Colossus maintenance crew are like sloths only with tortoise shells and a knack for fixing things.

Kaz and the kids are trapped in maintenance. The only way out is down into the water. Kaz opens the hatch to the ocean and the kids pretend to jump in. While the First Order scans for life signs, they see them lower and assume the children died in the cold open water. Instead, two members of the maintenance crew had jumped in and lowered their life signs to the point of nearly non-existence.

Kaz’s sweet nature – as clumsy as he is – gets him out of jams, just like this one with Tam. After saving the kids, the maintenance crew fixed the compensator.

The last two episodes of Star Wars Resistance have done a good job of establishing the long arm of the First Order. They’re working their way back from the Unknown Region and Outer Rim into the heart of the galaxy. The Colossus is a key component of that, but we just don’t know why exactly.

Why does the First Order want the Colossus? It’s seemingly a platform in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t affect much beyond its own environment.

However, the First Order is gunning for the Colossus and Captain Doza is playing right into their hands. While he hasn’t struck a huge deal with them, he does give them intel and does trades with them. Though it’s unclear what he is giving them.

Right now, Captain Doza thinks he has the upper hand and that the First Order will come to the Colossus on his terms. But, in reality, the First Order takes what it wants when it wants it. It just seems they are playing with him right now.

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Meanwhile, Kaz keeps getting new info to send to the Resistance. The one thing that keeps his cover is that he seems to be completely incompetent at most things other than flying. He’s been able to fumble his way into a lot of situations and information.

But he has a good heart, which he is going to need as things seems they could get darker soon.

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