A scuba diver takes Star Wars under the water


While some of us spent Halloween handing candy to trick-or-treaters or watched scary movies one Star Wars scuba diver went under water, channeling The Galactic Empire.

The odds of seeing someone in a Star Wars Halloween costume this year was pretty high. But how many can say they saw someone dressed as a stormtrooper underwater?

Scuba diver Logan Campbell donned the classic white and black storm trooper helmet, complete with water gun in this year’s Halloween costume competition. You can see his costume in a photo here from MSN.com. 

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The contest was held in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Hosted by the Rainbow Reef Dive Center, divers dressed in their Halloween costumes diving 30 feet with the hopes of winning diving equipment and trips.

The costumes included a penguin, banana, hot dog and even Batman. But the costume who had the most votes on the Rainbow Reef Dive Center Instagram account was the ketchup bottle. A small defeat for The Galactic Empire but none the less two thumbs up for the creativity! Unfortunately, the Florida Keys did not have the droids they were looking for. Better luck next time!

The image of a stormtrooper underwater is intriguing. Perhaps in future Star Wars projects, we will see them dive under the water of other planets in search for rebels or other interesting lifeforms fans have yet to see.

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What costume did you wear this Halloween? Already planning next year’s costume? Leave your answers in the comments section down below! I’d love to read them!