9 Star Wars legends characters we want canonized


The Star Wars Expanded Universe spanned 30 years before the Disney-Lucasfilm buyout. Some characters were reintroduced into canon with different back stories from their legends counterparts.

The Disney-Lucasfilm buyout made hundreds of Star Wars characters obsolete. Since the buyout, the new canon reintroduced a few characters from legends. Grand Admiral Thrawn served as an example.

In this list, let’s examine a handful of characters fans want to become canon.

Please note the characters listed here are not just from the books and comics. Some come from the video games.

9. Mara Jade

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The Emperor Palpatine’s assassin turned Jedi, Mara Jade. Formerly known as the Emperor’s Hand, Jade once served Palpatine, even after his death. The Sith master implanted a thought into Mara’s mind to kill Luke Skywalker.

Mara broke free of this combat and teamed up with Luke on missions that permitted them to work together. They fell in love and married, with Mara taking her husband’s surname of Skywalker.

The former Emperor’s Hand joined the Jedi ranks alongside her husband, sister-in-law Leia and niece and nephew Jaina and Jacen Solo. Jade Skywalker took on Jaina and her youngest brother, Anakin as her Padawans.

Over time, Luke and Mara desired to start a family of their own and tried for a child. She became pregnant with their son, whom they named Ben after Luke’s late master and Skywalker family friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, her pregnancy almost killed her as she became exposed to dangerous spores and had a disease that almost harmed her unborn child.

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Jacen, Mara’s nephew, murdered her. The eldest Solo son who became the Sith Lord Darth Caedus. A devastated Luke, sought revenge for his wife’s death and went after Lumiya, believing her to be Mara’s killer.

Mara and Luke’s son, Ben concluded his cousin killed his mother but required proof before he told his father. The young Skywalker tried to launch a revenge attack on his cousin. Later, Jaina slaughtered her twin in revenge for Mara’s murder.

Fans have wanted Mara reintroduced into canon since the buyout. There’s plenty of ways the character can exist in canon. Whether she’d be a love interest to Luke is still up for debate given his death in The Last Jedi.

8. Anakin Solo

Named in honor of his maternal grandfather, Anakin Solo was born the youngest child and son of Leia Organa and Han Solo. His father wanted to name him Han Solo Junior. Leia stood her ground and informed her husband she wanted to honor who her biological father.

Upon his Uncle Luke’s marriage to Mara Jade, Anakin became one of her Padawans when she joined the family as a Jedi. Being the younger brother of twins Jana and Jacen, Anakin was born a year and a half after them. Being the sister of two little brothers, Jaina babied Anakin.

Like the rest of his family, except his father, Anakin was strong in the Force but struggled with sharing his name with his grandfather. He became plagued with dreams of himself becoming a Dark Jedi. Leia believed naming her youngest son after her father would relieve her of the fear she felt toward Vader. She also wanted to redeem her father’s name.

Young Anakin Solo became a major figure during the Yuuzhan Vong War and became the best friend and later lover of Tahiri Veila. Anakin sacrificed his life to protect his family and friends.

Anakin Solo’s story ended in tragedy and it served as a pedestal for Jacen’s descent down the dark path.

Photo Credit:[Star Wars: A New Hope] Lucasfilm

7. Ben Skywalker

Born into the Skywalker family as the youngest grandchild of Anakin Skywalker, Ben Skywalker grew up in a galaxy shrouded in conflict.

The only child of Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade, Ben received his name from his father’s Master and his grandfather’s best friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ben’s birth became jeopardized when his mother contracted by a disease that came close to killing her.

Ben followed in his family’s footsteps and became a Jedi. His master was his cousin, Jacen Solo before the young Solo’s turn to the Dark Side. When Jacen murdered his mother, Ben suspected his cousin of committing the crime. He reported his revelation to his father upon Luke’s return from killing Lumiya.

Yes, it may be hard to reintroduce Ben Skywalker when Leia and Han have a son also named Ben in canon. If Ben Skywalker got introduced into canon, Lucasfilm would need to rename him to not confuse him with Kylo Ren.

6. Darred Janren Naberrie

An unknown character to most fans, Darred Janren Naberrie was brother-in-law of Padmé Amidala and therefore, the uncle of Luke and Leia. Before the Clone Wars, Darred married Padmé’s older sister, Sola.

Darred and Sola met during their university days. Not long after graduating, they married. Upon their marriage, they agreed to keep the Naberrie name as their family name. Since Sola was born as a Naberrie, Darred added his wife’s name to his own.

After the birth of their first daughter, Ryoo in 28BBY, they named her after Sola’s maternal grandmother. A few years later, Darred and Sola welcomed their youngest daughter, Pooja into the family. Darred and Sola named Pooja after Darred’s maternal grandmother.

Having Darred back into canon may serve difficult as he’s never appeared in any mainstream media. He’s only received mentions in several issues of the Star Wars Fact File magazine.

5. Ferus Olin

A fan-favorite character from the young adult books was Ferus Olin, a Jedi Padawan who served as a rival to Anakin Skywalker during their days as Padawans.

The Padawan of Obi-Wan’s friend and former lover Siri Tachi, Olin became the ultimate threat to Anakin.

Ferus’s master, Siri, conversed with Obi-Wan over her concerns for her student. Obi-Wan harbored the same concerns for Anakin. Both their students wished to succeed.

To top it off, Ferus became popular amongst the other students in ways Anakin wasn’t. Having him come into canon would be a great way to explore Anakin’s early years as a Jedi.

4. Galen Marek

LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 12: A first look of “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” onstage during Spike TV’s 7th Annual Video Game Awards at the Nokia Event Deck at LA Live on December 12, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

If you played the Force Unleashed video games, you would be familiar with Galen Marek better known by the alias, Starkiller. A fun fact, Marek’s real name isn’t said in the game.

Marek watched as Darth Vader cut down his former Jedi father when he was a child. Vader, unaware the Jedi had a son, took the boy and raised him to be his secret apprentice.

Marek possessed no knowledge his master plotted to overthrow the Emperor with him. The Emperor discovered what Vader planned and forced his apprentice to kill Marek. Vader faked Marek’s death and allied with the Rebel Alliance. However, Marek was unaware of Vader’s plan to exclude him until he discovered the truth later.

Over the course of the first Force Unleashed game, Marek formed a romantic bond with pilot Juno Eclipse who takes him on his journey. His best friend is a droid named PROXY who serves as a training simulator and comlink.

Having Marek become canon would add more dimension to who Vader becomes before the events of Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels. Therefore, it would be nice to have a character who knows the ins and outs of how Vader operated away from Palpatine.

3. Siri Tachi

Siri Tachi served as Jedi Master during the Clone Wars and was a longtime friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The pair became love interests before they broke it off due to their dedication to the Jedi Order.

What made Siri such a great character was how similar she and Obi-Wan were. They both had unpredictable apprentices both of whom fell to the Dark Side. While Anakin became a permanent servant to the Dark Side for over twenty years. Ferus served the Dark Side under Darth Sidious for a brief time.

Obi-Wan followed the rules to an extent, but having Siri come back into the Star Wars fold would put her up with Satine Kryze. Having Siri return to canon could help narrow down what Obi-Wan was like before he met Satine.

2. Juno Eclipse

Another character from the Force Unleashed games who should appear in canon is Juno Eclipse, Galen Marek’s onetime love interest. Juno served as a pilot who Vader hired after killing all the other pilots he had hired for Starkiller.

Unlike the other pilots, Juno Eclipse wanted to help Galen Marek AKA Starkiller and ended up falling in love with him. The Emperor killed him prompting Juno to abandon the Empire

During the game, Starkiller’s clone has the original Starkiller’s memories of Juno and has the same pull towards her. However, unlike the previous game, Juno doesn’t have much of a role because of her kidnapping by the Empire to lure Starkiller’s clone out of hiding.

Juno is unlike any pilot we’ve met in Star Wars. She works for both sides, but chooses who she believes is doing the right thing. Most of the pilots we’ve met only work for one side of the equation.


Every character needs a best friend, and it doesn’t matter if they’re on the side of evil. Galen Marek was friendly with a droid created by Darth Vader. The droid named PROXY, and he became Marek’s constant companion. PROXY served as a training simulation and as a comlink allowing Marek’s contacts to get in touch with the assassin.

PROXY served a similar purpose to C-3PO but wasn’t uptight. Despite being only a droid, but PROXY gets along with his master as if he were human. PROXY understood his purpose and viewed his master as a friend, rather than his, well, master.

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Legends had plenty of characters ripe for the picking. I chose these nine. Question is why. They’re familiar to fans who loved the legends material before it became non-canon. They’re unique and paved the way for storylines remembered by fans years after their debut.

Got a favorite Legends character Star Wars should reintroduce into canon? Let us know below!