‘Tis the Season for Funko Holiday Star Wars Pop! Vinyls


Funko has made impressive Star Wars Pop! Vinyl figures over the years. Recently Pop figures have been taking a festive look and these are no different!

While stores prepare for the upcoming holiday season, shoppers will be making their lists. Thankfully there are a multitude of Star Wars themed gifts that will please everyone in the family, including beloved pets.

But if one is looking for that ideal gift for that special fanboy or fangirl, Funko has got you covered. Funko has released five holiday Pop figures! These are: Pop Star Wars: Holiday – R2D2 (w/Antlers), Pop Star Wars: Holiday – C-3PO (as Santa), Pop Star Wars: Holiday Santa Yoda, Pop Star Wars: Holiday – Chewie (w/Lights) and Pop Star Wars: Holiday – Darth Vader (w/Chase).

Beginning with the popular astromech droid R2D2, he is standing up with reindeer antlers on top of his head as described. Red and green Christmas tree glass ornament balls hang from both antlers. This festive look is as humorous as it is cute. This Pop figure number is 275.

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Next at number 276 is the ever informative C-3PO dressed in Santa’s red coat and wearing the classic red Santa hat with a touch of holly. He is holding Santa’s white beard looking quite chipper for the holiday season.

Yoda stands with his stoic and calm expression donning a full Santa Claus robe and hat. He carries Santa’s sack for toys (toys are not visible) over one shoulder while using his other hand to hold his walking stick. Having his little toes stick out from underneath the robe is a nice touch! Yoda’s Pop figure number is 277.

Chewbacca is in quite a predicament this holiday season! Everyone’s favorite co-pilot looks fierce; tangled in a string of red and green Christmas lights. With his mouth partially open, both hands gripping the string of lights, he’s probably wondering how he ever got confused for a Christmas tree. Chewie’s Pop figure is number 278.

Photo credit: Funko

Last but not least at Pop figure number 279 is Darth Vader holding a mighty candy cane. His menacing red lightsaber remains at his waist as he stands intensely. This Lord of the Sith looks ready to celebrate the holidays, even if means using the striped candy.

Like Funko’s other Pop figures, these five are very colorful, expressive and detailed. From Yoda’s wrinkles to C-3PO’s rich gold color and every component of Darth Vader they look like the perfect pieces to add to any Star Wars Collection. These can easily remain on shelves or in displays well after the holiday festivities have ended.

In all honesty at first glance, they are immediate attention grabbers. It’s a genius idea to incorporate a holiday with any Funko Pop figure. It provides more variety for those who perhaps were looking for something more specific.

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Which Pop! Vinyl figure is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comment section below! I’d love to read them