Rian Johnson is still defending his version of Luke Skywalker


Rian Johnson has been defending his Luke Skywalker and now wants to meet at the bar to discuss.

Even after another Star Wars movie was released, Rian Johnson is still defending his take on Luke Skywalker’s story arc. In a tweet from Rian Johnson, he said:

"“Hot take: Luke is in fact 100% consistent with his character (not the way he’s described in marketing blurbs, but his actual, based-on-his-words-and-actions character) from the OT. I’ll be at the bar if you need me.”"

Fans have not been able to let go of the Luke they grew up with and still feel the need to let Johnson know. It’s clear from interviews and social media that Rian Johnson is sticking to his story (line) and knowing how he involved the Lucasfilm Story Group in the The Last Jedi, I believe is safe to say that Mr. Johnson has a leg to stand on.

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This is not to say that there are no issues with The Last Jedi, but when it comes to Luke or Jake, or whatever you’re calling him reach out with your feelings and see he has struggled with the Dark Side and that his own Master, Yoda was in hiding when Luke found him.

So when Luke struggles with failure, what is he to do?  When he meets Rey for the first time, he has been isolated from the force for so long that he doesn’t know how to move on and help Rey and galaxy. He has been beating himself up for years since trying to destroy a young Ben Solo.

The rumors around town are that Star Wars: Episode IX will be some sort of course correction for Luke. While seeing him as an unhelpful hermit may have not have been what we wanted to see in final chapter of Luke’s story, it does fit his arc and back story.

On this point I agree with Rian Johnson’s take, not to say there are not questions I have for Mr. Johnson. I would love to meet you at the bar and talk us some Star Wars.

You can see my issues with The Last Jedi here.

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Do you still have issues with Rian Johnson take on Luke Skywalker? Have multiple viewings of The Last Jedi swayed your opinion?