5 Star Wars live-action series Disney+ should do


With Disney exploring new live-action TV series for its upcoming streaming service, here are five Star Wars topics that could get their own shows.

Between Star Wars and the MCU, the (coming soon) streaming service Disney+ seems to be announcing a tantalizing new live-action continuation of a beloved character’s story every day.

More like streaming fan service, am I right? If this is really how the Star Wars universe is going to expand, on the small screen, who else should get their due? Here are some ideas for new Star Wars live action shows Disney should greenlight next.

Disney recently announced a Rogue One prequel series focused on Cassian Andor. This is, of course, in addition to The Mandalorian. Whether or not this means Diego Luna will finally get to touch Jabba remains to be seen. This opens up possibilities for so many genres and characters. These are just some of the words streaming television could explore.

1. A Darth Maul/Crimson Dawn origin story

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After that big reveal at the end of Solo, aren’t you a little interested in what Maul has been up to in the intervening years? He’s clearly seen a lot of the galaxy during his life, and while the character has appeared in Disney properties such as The Clone Wars, Rebels, and a new comic series … the character deserves to be center stage.

Heck, it’s presumably decades before the origin of the Crimson Dawn, but maybe this series could be a way to “adapt” Legends material into the new canon. Michael Reaves’ 2001 Expanded Universe novel Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter would make for a good first season of a series.

2. A Bail Organa-centric political thriller

Actually, it doesn’t even need to be a House of Cards-esque thriller. Wouldn’t you love to see a West Wing reboot in space? Jimmy Smits has already mastered the walk and talk, let’s make it happen!

3. A YA Padawan Academy adventure

Surely Anakin wasn’t the only angsty teen Jedi in training, right? There had to be cliques and code-breakers everywhere. Give us Mace Windu and Jocasta Nu as stressed out teachers, please.

4. A sitcom set in a cantina

Classic sitcoms like Faulty Towers, Cheers, and The Love Boat used shenanigans from regulars and fleeting guests in their respective locations for endless laughs. Star Wars loves a good space drunk, and those who made it to the end of the Holiday Special (respect) know that characters like Bea Arthur’s bartender could easily lead a compelling series as everyone tries to forget their troubles while the Empire and/or First order closes in on them.

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5. Jessika “Testor” Pava

Iron Fist has been canceled (unless Disney plans on reviving the Marvel Netflix properties on Disney+ as well, but that’s a conspiracy theory for another time and place) which means Jessica Henwick is free to return to her X-Wing. She’d be a perfect lead for a pre-Force Awakens Resistance era series. It could be a heist series, another “school” series for pilot trainees, or really anything!

What live-action Star Wars shows would you like to see on Disney+?