Composer John Williams unveils new arrangement of “Across The Stars”


The fabled composer John Williams of Star Wars music has updated one the sagas most potently romantic themes as a gift for a favorite soloist

Star Wars maestro John Williams has recently reworked the beautifully melancholic theme “Across the Stars” for German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter. The team over at John Williams Fan Network first broke the news that this alternative version was inbound. Check out the audio only performance below!

The beatific piece begins with a brief full orchestral statement of the overall tonality and theme before moving onto a stirring exposition by violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter. The original musical work is, of course, masterful – her moving rendition of the new arrangement is equally masterful.

Music has proven to be one of the most indelible and crucial elements of the entire Star Wars saga. The singular talent of maestro John Williams has helped to elevate what could have simply been window dressing to the on-screen action into one of the greatest orchestral legacies in film history. The stirring overtures and piercing leitmotifs in Star Wars endure in the minds of fans, musicians, and the general pop culture at large.

While it would be a Sisyphean task to suggest which of the musical works found in Star Wars is the most iconic, it wouldn’t be a stretch to put “Across the Stars” near the very top of that list. For all the flaws that the Prequel Trilogy had, the music written for it cannot be counted among them.

The newly arranged “Across the Stars” and several other works will also appear on Anne-Sophie Mutter’s forthcoming album fittingly called Across the Stars. The album and its constituent arrangements will form the basis of a special concert in September of next year celebrating the works of maestro Williams.

In an act of pure fan speculation, one wonders at the possibility of the newly arranged theme making its way into the impending – saga concluding – Star Wars Episode IX. There is of course no actual indication that is happening, however, stranger rumors have been bandied about.

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Given that the theme was written as a musical encapsulation of the tragic romance between Anakin and Padme, to have it show up in Episode IX would have very bold ramifications for our main characters. We’ll merely have to wait to find out. Until then, we’ll have plenty of time to luxuriate in this new restating of “Across the Stars.”

What do you think about this newly arranged version? Do you have any favorite Star Wars themes you’d like to hear in the final film? Sound off in the comments below!