Star Wars Resistance review: Dangers are around every corner


While spreading their wings on Star Wars Resistance, Poe Dameron and Kaz investigate a signal where they find monkeys, pirates and other creatures. But who’s the most dangerous?

As a pilot, Kaz has the need to fly, but since he’s been on the Colossus, his flying has been few and far between. In Star Wars: Resistance’s “Signal from Sector Six,” Poe Dameron shows up to help the Resistance spy spread his wings.

Poe has interest into why the First Order wants the Colossus, so he decided for an up-close-and-personal conversation with Kaz about it, not risking a communication getting intercepted. Poe and BB-8 also had a great reunion. They missed each other. We missed them together.

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While Poe and Kaz are flying through space, they pick up a signal and investigate. On what looks to be an almost abandoned ship, Poe and Kaz find a creature attacking people – and we aren’t talking about the monkeys.

Poe and Kaz find a female alien passed out in a cargo box. They presume she’s one of the crew members hiding from the monster. They rescue her, and Kaz and Yeager take her back to the Colossus – a move opposed by Yeager.

It turns out that Synara wasn’t part of the crew, but Kaz doesn’t know this. In fact, she was a pirate and getting on board and registered on the Colossus was a stroke of luck that she needed.

We don’t know exactly what Synara wants, but we do know pirates have worked for the First Order. They tried to ransack to the Colossus before with the First Order using that as a way to offer their protection.

By having a pirate on the inside, the First Order could find ways to wreak havoc like never before, and we might actually learn what the First Order really wants with the Colossus.

Kaz never listens to Yeager and he really should start. While Yeager tends to be on the cautious side, you can see why. Most people are not to be trusted when the stakes are so high.

Stray observations:

  • BB-8 and Poe Dameron have a great relationship. It’s too bad they are separated, but we know they will be reunited soon – only to be torn apart again.
  • CB-23 need to become a regular thing.
  • At some point, Tam needs to a bigger role rather than just the person who pushes Kaz around because he can.
  • The credits showed Dave Filoni as one of the voices for the Kowakian Monkey Lizards.

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