Star Wars: Episode IX spoiler: The fate of the Skywalker lightsaber confirmed


The fate of the Skywalker lightsaber for Star Wars: Episode IX has been confirmed, following the events that occurred in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

This post can be classified as a spoiler for Star Wars: Episode IX. If you wish to remain spoiler-free, then you need to hit that back button now. If you are all good with spoilers, then read on and find out what has happened to the Skywalker lightsaber.

Ok, so I’m assuming you are all up to date with the Star Wars movies by now. If not, you are at least aware of what happened roughly during Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, specifically the Skywalker lightsaber being snapped in two, thanks to both Rey and Kylo.

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Many fans have speculated if the lightsaber will somehow be fixed in Star Wars: Episode IX, or whether Rey will get her very own lightsaber this time around. Well, we have an answer to that question, or at least half of it anyway.

The Skywalker lightsaber is no more. During The Star Wars Show, Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni visited Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco, where they explored a new range of film props that had gone up on display. One of the new props being, the Skywalker lightsaber.

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With the weapon that holds so much history on display, both Gutierrez and Carboni were able to examine it up close in great detail. And they could see that the Kyber Crystal is broken, beyond repair. Rendering the remaining parts useless.

Ultimately meaning that the Skywalker lightsaber is not going to be repaired in Star Wars: Episode IX. Whether this will mean Rey gets her very own lightsaber is still up for debate. Yes, she will need to find another lightsaber of some sorts but she could either get her own or go in search for Luke’s Return of the Jedi lightsaber that we know the Caretakers on Ahch-To have, thanks to the novelization of The Last Jedi.

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Where do you sit on this one; first of all with the Skywalker lightsaber being gone for good? Secondly, do you think Rey will create her own lightsaber, or seek out Luke’s  ROTJ lightsaber on Ahch-To? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.