Rogue One prequel TV series: What and who do we expect to see


With the announcement of a Rogue One prequel series, the speculation station is in full swing. Here is what and who we expect to see

Fans clamoring for more Rebel Alliance stories rejoiced last week when it was announced Lucasfilm was working on a Rogue One prequel TV series. Not much has been revealed about this series slated for the Disney streaming service.

So far only Diego Luna has been announced to return as Cassian Andor. When we last saw Cassian, he was on a beach holding Jyn Erso looking over the Krennic’s beautiful sunset on Scarrif. With so many questions regarding this new prequel series, let’s discuss  what and who this show should include.

Cassian Andor – While we already know he will be the main character, it’s important to look at how he became who he was at the beginning of Rogue One. While he was a “good guy” he wasn’t afraid to kill innocents in order to help the cause against the Empire. These were desperate times for the not only the Rebellion but for the entire galaxy. Cassian must still be that character from the beginning of Rogue One or at the very least show how he became the gritty man in grey we met at the Ring of Kafrene.

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K2SO – If Alan Tudyk doesn’t return to play K2SO, this series will be a disappointment for this fan. With the heavier material of Rogue One, K2SO brought levity to the scenes, and his back story of helping the Rebellion deserves to be told after his sacrifice on Scariff. Seeing how he came to join the Rebels would make for a great episode along with how he and Cassian came to be Rogue One’s Dynamic duo. Also, how great would it be to see K2SO and AP-5 meet up and swap tales?

General Draven – While Cassian worked alone he did have superiors in the rank and file of the Rebellion. In Rogue One he is given direct orders from General Draven. It would make sense that this character would have a large role in Cassian’s life, possibly to the point of what leads Cassian down the dark path of killing individuals to serve the greater purpose.. If General Draven keeps pushing Cassian further down that hole with each mission getting more and more lost in why he joined the Rebellion to begin with.

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Dave Filoni – The man that worked closely to The Maker himself on the side stories for Star Wars, bringing life to the Clone Wars and the Alliance in Rebels, should have a major part of telling this story. Rebels was a fantastic show and really dove into the beginning of the Rebellion from a small band from Lothal. For the prequel series, this will really show the heart of it all. Who better to develop this than The Maker’s right hand?  So if Dave Filoni is taking part of this show it only makes sense that you would include. …

Hera Syndulla – While the rest of Phoenix Squadron would be great to see, Hera was actually a high-ranking member of the alliance. It would make sense that she would be involved in mission briefs and have contact with Cassian. He may need a lift aboard the Ghost to secure some intel, and hijinks ensue with Cassian and Hera battling their way off an Imperial stronghold.

Yavin IV –This “hidden” base of the Rebellion, gets a lot of press. It’s a wonder the Empire doesn’t have its location. Being that Cassian’s commanding officer is based on Yavin IV, it would only make sense that this  would be featured in the prequel series. Getting back story on the temples and  seeing the jungle moon explored off base is a very real possibility. There is bound to be another group of sentient beings living there.

Mon Mothma – Mothma was the leader of the Rebellion. While Cassian may not have much contact in the series, I would expect to see and/or hear from Mon Mothma quite a bit in the series. Her pacifist sensibilities seem to conflict with the war the Rebels are planning and would be a voice of contention to General Draven.

Bail Organa – Jimmy Smits is must get for this show. Don’t expect to see him regularly but watching him appear in Rogue One was a thrill. Great cameo in the movie bringing the prequel trilogy back to the forefront and would make a great cameo for the TV series. He was an early founder/supporter of the Rebellion so it would only make sense seeing him provide inside info against the Empire.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars Rebels] LucasfilmThrawn – The show needs a villain. Why not Thrawn? While Thrawn may have been busy with Lothal and galavanting across the galaxy with a certain Dark Lord of the Sith, Thrawn could be the high ranking villain the show needs, neigh deserves. Sending Rukh to do his bidding or another new character to battle chase after Cassian. He wouldn’t need to be in every episode, but knowing he was in the background pulling strings would make for a very compelling show.

Han Solo/Lando Calrissian – This is not likely but how great would it be to see Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover reprise their roles for an episode. Solo may not have been a great Star Wars Story but it was a solid flick. Seeing these two back would cause quite the stir amongst fans. And Cassian seems like he would be hanging out at the same places these two might be. Looking for intel, tracking leads, possibly playing a few hands of Sabacc maybe.

Ahsoka Tano – Fans have been calling for a live-action version of Ahsoko for a long time now. How great would it be to see her working behind the scenes helping Cassian and the rest of the Alliance? No one wants to be the one to say it, but this show needs a Force user. Seeing Ahsoka be more than a Force user and supporting the Rebelliion is just what fans want to see and this is the show to do it.

The Ghost Crew – While it makes sense Hera should be involved due to her rank, seeing  Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Chopper and even AP-5 would make for the episode of all episodes. Imagine watching this crew brought back live action working alongside Cassian to over throw the Empire on a yet to be named planet. I smell a cliffhanger episode.

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Whatever and whoever ends up in this series, I’m certain it will be compelling. Who would you like to see make an appearance when this series comes out?