Star Wars: All the things we’re thankful for in a galaxy far, far away

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Photo Credit: Star Wars: A New Hope/LucasFilm Ltd. Image Acquired from Disney Media Distribution

There are so many things we are thankful for this year, and high on our list is Star Wars. Our writers tell us why they’re are thankful for the franchise they love.

It’s that time of year where we think about all the things we’re grateful for. It’s Thanksgiving, we can’t help it.

For us here at Dork Side of the Force, we’re thankful for our great readers who leave comments, share our stories and always keep us on our toes. But like everyone who comes here, we are also thankful for Star Wars – it’s what brought us all together.

We asked the writers of Dork Side of the Force to share why they’re thankful for Star Wars. Read on, and then share your story in the comments.

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For me, as a little girl, television and movies weren’t filled with too many heroes that looked like me. I loved Indiana Jones, but I wanted to be She-Ra and watched Jem non-stop.

But the one I looked up to the most was Princess Leia, a woman who didn’t wear a crown, but instead fought her way out of bad situations, leading a revolt against an Evil Empire. She was the one I admired most and I’m certainly thankful for Princess Leia on this Thanksgiving.

From the moment I saw her, I wanted to be her. This badass woman who, at times, needed help, but could also lead the charge. She wasn’t in it alone – even if she did put up walls – but Leia was no damsel in distress, which is what I loved about her.

I watched so many cartoons and movies as a kid, and rarely did you see someone who carried herself the way Leia did.

Even as adult, I still want to be Leia when I grow up because even as General Organa, she inspires. She has led her people against horrible regimes, and even in the face of unspeakable tragedies such as her son turning into the evil she has fought her whole life, and her true love murdered by her son, she still manages to move forward.

Leia has made mistakes, but that’s what makes her all the more important and relatable. Thank you Leia Organa for showing this girl that it was OK to be tough, it was OK to be vulnerable and it was definitely OK to speak up.

Anytime I see that bright smile, cold stare or fantastic up-dos by Leia, I know who I want to be when I grow up.