Star Wars: All the things we’re thankful for in a galaxy far, far away

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It is incredibly difficult to pick just one thing to be thankful for from Star Wars. The story, characters, themes, music, cast, creator, merchandise, I love all of it. But when I boil it down, the reason I love all of those things is because of all of the bonus features and behind the scenes content about the franchise I consumed while growing up.

I’m thankful that over 40 years ago, George Lucas had this idea that all of the movie studios thought was crazy, to create his version of the serials he loved from his childhood. And I’m thankful that I know that because of Empire of Dreams, the documentary about the original trilogy that was on the 2004 special edition box set of Episodes IV through VI.

As an eighth-grader, during the release of Revenge of the Sith, I knew names that most other kids didn’t such as John Williams, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren, John Knoll, Lawrence Kasdan, and Irvin Kershner, because of those bonus features. I learned what a sound engineer was, how green and blue screen worked, the way films are scored and visual effects are created. Essentially, Star Wars introduced me to movie magic.

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Since then, I have loved movies, but not just watching them. I love studying them. I love learning how they were made. I love movie news and trivia. I’m addicted to movies, and Star Wars is to blame for that obsession.

The love that I had for the franchise as a kid still continues today. Anyone who knows me knows that Star Wars is an important part of my life.

I have a Millennium Falcon tattoo with “I Know” written beneath it, while my wife has “I Love You” on her wrist to match it. We played Princess Leia’s Theme and The Throne Room/End Titles at our wedding. Our house and my classroom are filled with a plethora of Star Wars merchandise. When my wife and I got our dog, my wife let me name him Kenobi. Star Wars matters to me.

Film has helped to make me who I am, and love film because I first loved Star Wars. I am forever thankful for that galaxy far, far away.

– Zack Edwards