Storybook Cosmetics has Star Wars-inspired Lightsaber Makeup Brushes on the way


Judging by the photo Storybook Cosmetics posted on their Instagram account in May, these Star Wars-inspired Lightsaber Makeup Brushes look both deadly and gorgeous. These five brushes represent both the light and dark side of the force.

Since Storybook Cosmetics released an image of the five Star Wars-inspired lightsaber makeup brushes on its Instagram account, the comments have been rolling in with many wondering when these brushes will be available for purchase.

While a purchase date has not been released, Storybook Cosmetics has noted on its website under Coming Soon – Licensed Collaborations that its Star Wars products are still coming this year. While 2018 is almost over, these makeup brushes will be worth the wait due to their creative appearance alone.

According to an Allure article:

"As fans of Star Wars will notice, the set includes Kylo Ren’s three-pronged red lightsaber as well as Rey’s calming blue one. Darth Vader’s original red lightsaber is also in the mix, as is Luke Skywalker’s green one. You’ll also find a purple lightsaber, which is there to honor Mace Windu according to Teen Vogue."

Each brush appears to be very detailed similarly to reproduced lightsabers only several times smaller. Instead of fighting enemies, these brushes will be applying makeup one palette at a time.  The colors of each weapon are distinguishable but how well will they get the job done when needed for makeup application? It’s important to remember these are not the same makeup brushes as the ones released by Her Universe.

By comparing the Instagram image to other Storybook Cosmetics products, they pay great attention to detail. Who knows, if these brushes are successful fans may be seeing a greater variety in the future. As the Star Wars universe expands who is to say merchandise will not?

If you are interested in staying updated on this and other products from Storybook Cosmetics visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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Which of these lightsaber makeup brushes are your favorite? Which lightsabers would you like to see as makeup brushes? Leave your answers in the comment section below! I’d love to read them!