Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith No. 23 Review: The moment is now


Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith No. 23 continues Vader’s journey to finding peace in the Force. It turns out there may be no peace at all – only betrayal.

When we last left Darth Vader, he was (purposely) stranded on Mustafar, communicating with a mysterious helmet that turns out to be able to channel the presence of a powerful Sith Lord.

Things never end well when two powerful Sith try working together. In the end, one is going to end up destroying the other in their quest for ultimate power. Isn’t that how it always goes?

SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned.

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Darth Vader and his ancient Sith Lord architect are still trying to construct the perfect castle – flawless both in design and its ability to channel enough dark side energy to open a Force portal and maybe bring Padmé Amidala back from the dead.

Because, honestly, what else is there to do on a planet mostly made of fire?

But Mustafar is being plagued by lava fleas and firestorms – more so than usual. And it seems every castle Momin designs is destroyed as soon as it’s built.

Almost as if the Force doesn’t want it there at all.

It’s a story arc we’ve seen plenty of times before. The Empire “settles” into a location with a particular objective and begins slowly destroying the environment they have invaded – potentially until there’s nothing left.

But this time, it’s quite likely the Empire will win. Just maybe not in the way we’re expecting.

I am loving the contrast they are building between the concepts of creation and destruction. It’s a theme that will always fit well on the planet where Obi-Wan and Anakin faced off for the first time, where master supposedly defeated apprentice – where old things died and new things came to life.

This is the place where Anakin Skywalker ceased to be, and Darth Vader began. We know his story doesn’t end here. But this arc soon will. And maybe we’ll finally get to see him let go of the past, of Padmé, and at least put that part of his former life behind.

Or not. You really can’t tell with this guy. Especially since he trusted a former Sith Lord enough to see his many designs through, only to be fully deceived and betrayed in the end.

It turns out – SURPRISE! – Momin’s plan all along was to open the door, a portal to the Force itself, and bring himself back to life.

Yeah, cliffhangers are great, aren’t they? It’s a good thing Marvel has two issues left to wrap up this chapter of Vader’s story and – hopefully – make all this fuss over a lava castle worth the struggle.

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Anyone else looking forward to this lightsaber duel? Because I’m definitely here for it. Issue No. 24 here we come!