Star Wars Resistance: The Platform Classic is the best episode yet


In the best episode of the season so far, we learn what happened to Yeager’s family when his estranged brother shows up on the platform in Star Wars Resistance.

Jerrick Yeager has been a bit of a mystery on Star Wars Resistance. In “The Platform Classic,” we learned more about his sad story and why he shut himself away from the world on a place like as elusive as the Colossu.

“The Platform Classic” was the best episode of Star Wars Resistance’s first season, and it goes to show that pulling away from Kaz can bring the animated series to life. There is so much going on that Kaz doesn’t have to be front and center all the time.

This episode showed just that as Yeager came face-to-face with his past when his brother, a renowned racer named Marcus Speedstar, showed up to compete in The Platform Classic, an fascinating race around the Colossus.

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We actually saw Yeager’s fancy flying moves, and he is definitely one of the best.

But we also learn why he stopped flying, because it brought so many painful memories with it.

During the race, Yeager and Marcus yell at each and details of what happened to Yeager’s family emerged. About 10 years ago, during a big race, Marcus used the dangerous hyperfuel in an attempt to beat Yeager – whom he has never bested.

But instead of the hyperfuel working as Marucs hoped, it caused him to crash into Yeager creating a collision that killed spectators, including Yeager’s wife and daughter.

It really was a horrific story and, part of me hoped, Yeager’s family was still alive after we saw the picture of them in his office. I had hoped they were living their lives on another planet for their own safety.

Unfortunately, the truth was so much worse. It’s clear why Yeager doesn’t talk to his brother. I can’t imagine anyone in that situation handling it any differently. In fact, I felt Yeager handled it better than most because I’m pretty sure a few punches would have landed if I was in that situation.

Marcus and Yeager kind of reconcile. Yeager lets him in a little, relinquishing the lead in the race so Marcus can win credits to pay a ransom and debt he owes the Guavian Death Gang.

Seeing more into Yeager’s past makes you understand why he doesn’t want to get close to anyone. He’s not just been hurt, but had his heart ripped out of chest, bearing unbelievable pain by losing his entire family in one callous accident.

I’m glad Star Wars Resistance told this story now. It was important to get to know what makes Yeager the person he is before his aloofness pushed him too far away.

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