Star Wars Resistance: Kaz makes a big discovery into Doza’s past


Kaz makes a big discovery inside Captain Doza’s office while getting help from Torra in this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance.

Kaz and Torra are becoming closer on Star Wars Resistance, but I wouldn’t exactly call them friends. Torra is suspicious of what happening on the platform, but she is also wary of what her father and the First Order have planned.

In “Secrets and Holograms,” it seemed that every one was hiding something.

Kaz keeps his secret about being a spy for the Resistance, Torra sneaks out of her room, Captain Doza has clandestine meetings with the First Order, all the while Rucklin plans to get Kaz for his racer blowing up.

There was a lot going on, but surprisingly little action in this week’s episode.

This was the type of episode that sets the stage for the rest of the season. So let’s take a look at what was going on:

Kaz’s big discovery

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Kaz sneaks around the ship and breaks into Captain Doza’s office. He downloads data from a tablet, but the real revelation comes when he hides in a closet to avoid Doza and Rucklin, who alerted the captain to the break in.

Kaz finds an Imperial uniform in Doza’s closet, which signifies a captain, tagging Doza as a former officer for the Empire. That’s a pretty hefty revelation, which could make some sense out of Captain Doza.

Doza is reluctant to work with the First Order. It’s probably because he has seen what the long arm of the Empire can do and doesn’t want to get into bed with something like that again.

Not every person that worked for the Empire was a bad person. They still made bad decisions, but self-preservation is a heck of a motivator and many people were willing to do what they needed to survive. But following orders is still not an excuse.

However, there’s also a chance Doza worked as an Imperial officer, but was also a spy for the rebellion. One thing I noticed in “The Platform Classic,” was when Doza called Yeager an ‘old friend.’

If their relationship goes back a long way, they would have been enemies and not friends. There’s going to be more to why Doza has an Imperial uniform than what it looks like on the surface.

Rucklin won’t give up

Rucklin seemed as though he would be a problem, and he definitely isn’t going away. After his speeder blew up because he used too much Hyperfuel, he has to work a side job to make extra money.

He blames Kaz for the mishap, even though it was Rucklin’s fault his speeder blew.

Rucklin’s side job is as a waiter/servant in The Tower. He pretty much does whatever the Aces tell him to. But he’s already causing problems for Kaz as he lets the Captain know Kaz broke into his office.

Kaz’s cover is nearly blown, but Doza has enough of Rucklin before Kaz’s hiding spot is discovered.

This isn’t the last time we have seen Rucklin, and I bet he pops up at the worst possible moment for Kaz later in the season.

STAR WARS RESISTANCE – “The Children from Tehar” – Kaz searches for two missing children for a sizeable reward only to discover the First Order is also hunting for them. This episode of “Star Wars Resistance airs Sunday, November 4 (10:00 – 10:30 P.M. EST) on Disney Channel. (Lucasfilm)


Torra’s wariness

Torra has a sense of adventure and the captain’s daughter doesn’t enjoy being locked away in her room. It only makes her want to explore even more.

She is also vigilant. Torra sees what goes on in The Tower – not so much the platform itself since she’s a bit of a celebrity and can’t walk around without being noticed. She knows her father is working with the First Order, but also that Kaz is snooping around.

Torra’s loyalties are going to be pushed to the limit and, right now, she is siding with Kaz, which means she doesn’t entirely trust what her father is doing.

She should have told her father what Kaz was up to, but instead she covered for him – twice now.

Though her discussion with Kaz didn’t end well, and I don’t think Kaz picked up on that. When she told Kaz to leave, he gave her a sincere ‘thank you,’ But then she said, “No, thank you.”

He seemed to take it at face value, but that’s the kind of thank you that has daggers laced with it. Kaz is now on Captain Doza’s and Torra’s radars. He’s not fooling anyone and only causing more people to notice him.

That’s not good for a spy.

Even so, there’s a lot more happening on the Colossus than meets the eye. I’m sure we will discover it all in the coming episodes for Star Wars Resistance.

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