Star Wars: Where will the fanbase rank in this year’s Fandom 250?


This year’s Fandom 250 is on its way and the Star Wars fan base should make another showing? Could it best last year’s impressive mark?

The FanSided Fandom 250 is should be coming later this week and Star Wars is poised to have another shot at the top spot.

Last year, it ranked fourth overall and No. 1 in movies in the Fandom 250.

So where will Star Wars land this year?

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There’s no doubt Star Wars are passionate. Their love for the franchise is unlike most other fandoms, including sports teams, which is why it was ranked so high last year.

No new movies come out this year for after two in 2018. But that shouldn’t hurt the fandom’s ranking. In fact, the fact that fans can debate the movies going back to the original trilogy without anything new just goes to show how amazing the fandom is.

Star Wars fans are collectors of toys, books, rumors, and information. They tear through new comics and books all the while debating the latest leak or rumor.

Remember when LucasFilm announced The Clone Wars as coming back? People cried. Social media accounts whooped it up. It was a top moment for the fans in 2018 because their love for the franchise is boundless.

But there are some factors going against the fandom this year, perhaps even knocking it out of the top five.

There are other movie franchises to contend with – and Marvel had a very strong year. Marvel had three movies come out this year with Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

That’s quite the lineup that could definitely contend push Star Wars out of the top spot in movies category and possibly knock it out of the top five of the overall fandom.

There was also the negativity around that fractured the fanbase in 2018. While The Last Jedi had mixed reactions, the criticisms from a certain group of fans went beyond fair. Verbal attacks and bullying were hurled at Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Rose Tico, forcing her to shut down her social media channels.

While it’s a vocal minority and that doesn’t represent the majority of the fan base, it was a still a stain on the fandom.

Having said that, it’s Star Wars. New fans are being brought in all the time with parents passing on their love to their children from a franchise that started more than 40 years ago – and will continue for generations to come.

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Where do you think Star Wars will rank in the Fandom 250? Is a top five still in the running? Should it be No. 1?