Star Wars Resistance: What will happen with Kaz’s dad on Hosnian Prime?


With the events of Star Wars Resistance building up to The Force Awakens, what will happen to Kaz’s father who is a senator on Hosnian Prime?

Star Wars Resistance starts before the events of The Force Awakens, but it has been noted that the animated show will lead up to the events of the movie.

What happened on The Force Awakens will have a huge impact on Kaz. His father is a senator from Hosnian Prime, but as we saw in the movie, Hosnian Prime was obliterated by Starkiller Base, killing everyone in the system.

That likely includes Kaz’s father, Hamata Xiono.

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Unless Kaz’s father is elsewhere at the time, but that’s probably not the case considering his duties are there with the New Republic and that’s where he also lives.

So while we have this happy-go-lucky character in Kaz, who was born on Hosnian Prime, we also have someone who will see his world literally and figuratively destroyed.

Even if Kaz’s father isn’t killed in that moment, Kaz will still go through a horrific experience and learn exactly The First Order is about because his home world, his childhood, and plenty of people he knew will be dead.

Considering this show is geared toward kids, it will be interesting to see how Disney handles that moment. It could force Kaz to grow up. It will force him fight harder or retreat. You never know what will happen in a situation like that, but as the lead of Star Wars Resistance, I imagine it force him to become a leader.

When Alderaan was destroyed in front of her yes, we Princess Leia’s resolve only strengthen.

But we’re still some time away from Hosnian Prime’s fateful moment because BB-8 is still hanging out with Kaz, and we know the little ball droid needs to get back to Poe before the events in The Force Awakens happen.

It’s a pretty sobering thought to think about what’s to come on Star Wars Resistance. The stakes have been pretty low so far even with The First Order mulling about the platform.

They come off more as mobsters demanding payment for protection and less like the baddies who are hell bent on ruling the galaxy.

But they will show their true strength soon.

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