Fandom 250: Where did Star Wars rank?


The 2018 Fandom 250 is here with Star Wars making an appearance. Where did they rank overall out of 250 fandoms? Let’s find out.

The Fandom 250 is out – ranking the top 250 fan bases across sports, entertainment, pop culture, brands, celebrities and more.

So where did Star Wars wind up?

Star Wars took spot No. 19 overall and second in movies, falling from last year’s numbers of fifth overall and first in movies. Black Panther surpassed Star Wars in the movie category.

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There weren’t any new movies for Star Wars in 2018, but Solo did have a home release, and Star Wars Resistance hit the small screen for Disney’s next animated series. There were also the announcements of three new Star Wars series coming to Disney+ next year with The Clone Wars’ seventh season, The Mandalorian and the untitled Cassian Andor series.

But there were some rough spots for the fandom with the harassment of Kelly Marie Tran.

However, as the Fandom 250 spot points out, there is so much good that Star Wars fans do with charities being a large focus of many of the fan groups. There’s no denying how much good Star Wars fan do for others, even if there are a few blemishes.

You can’t deny Black Panther at the top spot for movies. It was a juggernaut for Marvel (and in the end Disney, which came in spot No 37 overall and No. 2 in brands in the Fandom 250). Black Panther is one of the top grossing movie of all- time, generating more than $1.3 million worldwide.

Granted it’s still behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens – but that was in 2017.

Solo’s Donald Glover also came in at 148th overall and 16th in celebrities.

But 2019 is definitely poised to be a big one for Star Wars.

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Congratulations on ranking No. 12 out of 250 fandoms Star Wars fans.