“The Moviemaking Magic of Star Wars Creatures + Aliens” makes a perfect gift


As the holidays are fast approaching The Moviemaking Magic of Star Wars: Creatures + Aliens make a fantastic gift for fans of all ages and gender. It is a way cool interactive book.

There are number of things you can get for the Star Wars fan in your life. But if you’re looking for a really interesting gift, look no further than this special book.

The Moviemaking Magic of Star Wars: Creatures + Aliens originally was released May 25, 2018 to coincide with the release of Solo. The book sort of flew under the radar, but now with the holidays around the bend, it is back.

Creatures + Aliens is a gimmick book that works. You can find early drawings of characters such as Chewbacca,  Jabba The Hutt, Maz Kanata in their infant stages on the pages of this wonderful book.

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There are about 18 to 20 interactive things in the book. There are also six page booklets and flaps that reveal concept sketches. Much like the mid-90’s Star Wars Scrapbook that had stickers and cardboard models to make ships with. If you or someone you know enjoy interactive books this is a must, and would make a wonderful present for the holiday season.

The focus of Creatures + Aliens is exotic aliens from across the universe. Maz Kanata’s early stage finds her looking like E.T. Only in this book would you get the before the screen look and some really interesting art and concepts. Getting to see early concepts brings to light what it takes to put a movie like this together.

It also creates newfound respect for the artists, designers and everyone else who put all they can into making the franchise what it is.

Long time artist Doug Chiang, gives some great insight to creating a character people will remember. Fans can not just find this information anywhere, making this a special book.

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For the Star Wars fan (even if it is you) this is a worthwhile book to grab. To go from pre-production to the movie screen. The book retails for $12.99-$20.99.