Remember when: Darth Vader battled the Energizer Bunny


There was once a time when the Energizer Bunny would appear in almost every commercial. In 1994, he faced the greatest foe in cinema: Darth Vader.

For those who are unfamiliar the Energizer Bunny is a sunglasses-wearing toy pink bunny who moves around with flip-flops on its feet banging on the Energizer battery logo drum. The large drum is nestled in its lap while a narrator says that infamous line, “Still going. It keeps going and going and going…”

Since 1988, the pink bunny has been interrupting fake commercials while promoting the Energizer battery. But what happens in the 1994 commercial when the pink bunny decides to create a disturbance in the force? Let’s find out!

The commercial opens in space, jumping from a scene of the Imperial Starfleet to Darth Vader himself kneeling before the hologram of his master. His master, who does not look anything like Emperor Palpatine, informs him that there has been a disturbance in the Force. From there the Energizer Bunny appears as Darth Vader prepares for battle.

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The Energizer Bunny is able to easily dodge the attacks when suddenly Vader’s lightsaber malfunctions. By unscrewing the bottom he comes to find that his batteries are not Energizer and is easily defeated. In frustration, he epically screams as the rolling drum playing bunny leaves and the narrator cuts in, “Still going. Nothing outlasts the Energizer battery.”

In all honesty, this is a pretty cute, funny and harmless advertisement that gets the message across fairly quickly. Yes, it is a ridiculous notion to think Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire could fall so easily all because a lightsaber was powered with poor batteries. But at the same time that is what makes it so humorous.

This is a Jedi turned Sith, an empire that is able to destroy planets, instill fear and is nearly unstoppable…except for the fact his trademark weapon can become useless if the batteries die.

Now Vader could have easily used the Force choke but this is a very short, kid-friendly commercial. You can almost imagine the children who watched this giggling and near cheering on the Energizer Bunny to win this fight. Plus the Energizer batteries really could not apply to something as mysterious as the Force. It needs something more tangible to control. Not to mention seeing Vader win would defeat the purpose.

The set looks similar to the fight between Luke and Darth Vader on Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back even down to the way the Energizer Bunny arrives. True that duel between father and son had a far different and more dramatic ending but for what’s its worth it is an enjoyable commercial even today. The Energizer Bunny is a classic mascot much like Mickey Mouse is for Disney. Who knows, maybe The Energizer Bunny will take on Kylo Ren next?

There are several videos on YouTube of this commercial to watch including this one. For a full history of this famous bunny check out Hop Back Through Time with the Energizer Bunny, on the Energizer website.

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What did you think of the commercial? Hit or miss? Leave your answers in the comments section below! I’d love to read them!