Could Jacen Syndulla appear in Star Wars: Resistance?


He was the character no one expected. The series finale of Star Wars Rebels bought in a new character; Jacen Syndulla. Could he appear in Star Wars Resistance?

Hera’s pregnancy came as a surprise, but so did Kanan’s unexpected death. Fans wondered when Hera and Kanan had time to create a child. Hera voice actress Vanessa Marshall had no clue of her character’s fate until she saw the final episode at a fan event.

Since Jacen Syndulla only appeared in the series’ epilogue, will he appear again? Dave Filoni said he hadn’t thought about Jacen’s future. Though, the creative forces at Lucasfilm have ideas on where the character may go.

Jacen’s role in further Star Wars stories may lead him anywhere. He may even earn himself a role in Star Wars Resistance. Anything is possible in Star Wars and having Jacen come into Resistance is plausible. There’re loads of possibilities. Here is just a few of them:

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A mission for Hera

Resistance takes place about six months before The Force Awakens begins. If Jacen were to appear, he may be on a mission for his mother.

Having a rebel as a mother, Jacen learned much from her. If Hera is still active during this time, her influence would push Jacen to join a cause that helped heal the galaxy.

Kanan appears as a force ghost and his son joins the Resistance

The Force works in mysterious ways. We’ve seen Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin become Force Ghosts. Not all Jedi could become ghosts when they die. However, it’s possible Kanan learned how to come back as a ghost.

Kanan never knew Hera was pregnant. However, what if Kanan had felt Jacen’s birth through the Force? He might have watched Jacen for years before deciding to meet his son as a Force Ghost. Perhaps, Kanan tells him that the Resistance needs extra help and that Jacen would be a perfect candidate to join the Rebellion successor.

Hera contacts Ahsoka and Sabine

This next theory might seem far-fetched, but it’s plausible. What if Hera, still being active, tracks Ahsoka and Sabine down while they’re out looking for Ezra? She could ask them to take her son with them. Perhaps she drops him off with the Resistance.

Ahsoka and Sabine may return and recruit Jacen with Hera’s permission. They’d require Hera’s permission because of her rank as a General and not because she was his mother.

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The short answer to our question, it would make sense for Jacen Syndulla to appear in Star Wars Resistance. If they reference characters from Rebels and/or The Clone Wars, it would make sense they bring Jacen in because of his parents’ pasts during these two conflicts. Let’s not forget the ties Hera may have to the Resistance.

How do you think Jacen will re-enter the story? Comment below!