Star Wars: Episode IX spoiler: Expect to see a new elite Stormtrooper


A new elite Stormtrooper will be introduced in Star Wars: Episode IX. Read on only if you are happy with some spoilers about the upcoming movie.

We have been getting a lot of Star Wars: Episode IX  rumors recently. So to get a spoiler for once is actually a nice change. This one is regarding a new elite Stormtrooper that will be introduced in the next installment of the Star Wars franchise. Please only read if you are ok with spoilers.

Ok, so here is everything about the new character that I have managed to find out.

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The details come from Making Star Wars. Sourcing their information from people they have spoken to at production offices involved with Star Wars, speaking to various people at Pinewood Studios, and attendees at marketing presentations. They learned about the introduction of the Red Dead Trooper.

Not to be confused with the red pilots that have been seen in Star Wars: Resistance, the best description of the Red Dead Trooper is this is a red Stormtrooper that has black stripes. However, there is the idea that the new elite trooper will be a cross between being able to fight on the ground and fight in the air.

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Apart from the obvious color of red with black stripes to identify them. The Red Dead Trooper is to have a different helmet design as well. Details on how the helmet might look have remained quiet. Will it be a cross between the First Order Stormtrooper helmet and First Order Pilot helmet for example? Or will it be similar to the Deathtrooper helmet? We can only speculate for now

How big a role they might play in Star Wars: Episode IX is also not known. They might be around for a fair amount of the movie, then again it could only be for two seconds. We may only see one of them.

Your guess would be as a good as mine right now.

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