Star Wars: Episode IX: Mark Hamill shares exclusive trailer


Mark Hamill has delivered a treat for fans. The Star Wars legend has shared an exclusive Star Wars: Episode IX trailer for all to see.

While it’s been reported that Mark Hamill cannot be trusted with Star Wars: Episode IX scripts and security systems in place that the CIA would be more than happy to use. One thing the Star Wars legend has been allowed to share is an exclusive Star Wars trailer for fans to see.

Announcing over the weekend that he would deliver the goods. Hamill eventually delivered by dropping the trailer via social media, and what a brilliant trailer it is. It really leaves you with a smile on your face.

Check it out for yourself, in all of its glory below.

Not the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer fans would have been ideally wanting. But a Star Wars: Episode IX trailer none the less. It looks like a good trailer as well.

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Fans who have followed Hamill for some time will not be surprised by his antics here. The actor has done this sort of thing before and being well known for being a prankster online. When he teased the exclusive Star Wars trailer was coming, I think everybody was expecting something funny and daft like this.

In fact, so many people expected something daft from him. He probably would have got a much better reaction if he actually released something from the set of Star Wars: Episode IX. Could you imagine that? We were all looking for a joke of some sort and instead, he dropped a teaser trailer or major spoiler or something.

Anyway, it looks as though Hamill is losing his edge when it comes to his comedy career. With so many expecting him to do what he did. He jokingly announced his retirement as well.

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So what did you think of Mark Hamill’s Star Wars: Episode IX trailer footage? Do you think we will get some actual footage soon? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.