The top 10 Star Wars names for your pet

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The holiday season is a time of year when many people, including us Star Wars fans, choose to expand their families by adding a new pet. All those new pets need names and what is better than naming them after our favorite space opera.

As deeply entrenched Star Wars fans, we want to find a way to weave our favorite franchise into as many facets of our lives as possible. We obviously watch the movies and shows. We read books and comics. We buy an obscene amount of merchandise of various kinds.

But for some fans, like myself, it goes even deeper than that. We make Star Wars a part of us in almost any conceivable way that we can.

It only makes sense that if we adopt an animal then that love or some may say obsession, will work its way into this aspect of our lives as well.

Adoption and rescue are motifs that run deep in Star Wars. Leia and Luke are both adopted, Rey is orphaned on Jakku, and Chewbacca is rescued by Han on Mimban. Thus as Star Wars fans, we should apply that idea to our own lives and adopt, rather than buy, a pet if we can.

So if you choose to open up your home to a new furry family member sometime soon, then this list is an excellent way to choose a new name for your adopted co-pilot.