The top 10 Star Wars names for your pet

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1. Kenobi

The best possible Star Wars name for your pet is, without a doubt, Kenobi. There is obvious bias here, as this is not only the name of one of my favorite characters in all of fiction, let alone Star Wars but this also just so happens to be the name of my dog.

First look at the name from a Star Wars perspective. Kenobi is the surname of one of the most crucial characters in the Star Wars universe. He trains both Anakin Skywalker, who as we know eventually becomes Darth Vader, as well as his son, Luke Skywalker. He is incredibly loyal to both, doing everything he can to keep Anakin on the light side of the Force, despite his insistence on pursuing the dark side, and he never leaves Luke’s side, staying with him as a Force ghost after he becomes one with the Force.

Kenobi isn’t a perfect character, once again, note how he unintentionally trains Vader. He knowingly lies to Luke about his father, telling him that he was dead rather than telling him that he was one of the scariest figures in the whole galaxy. However, flaws like these make Kenobi such an amazing character. He does the best he can in any given moment, which is all we can ask of anybody. He gives up his life to guard Luke on Tatooine and in a way, saves the galaxy by doing so because Luke never goes on his hero’s journey without Kenobi’s guidance.

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For these reasons, Obi had become somewhat of a popular name for pets. As close as this is though, this isn’t the right part of this character’s name to focus on. The key is Kenobi. Looking at it from a name perspective, it has three syllables, starting with a hard consonant. This gives Kenobi power that Obi lacks. Kenobi is a name that can be shouted or growled across the park when your pet is in trouble, or lovingly cooed to your pet when they are being adorable while getting scratched on the belly or behind the ears.

Think about the previously stated qualities too. Kenobi is just the kind of character you want your pet to be like. He’s loyal, brave, caring, and just a little sarcastic. This is just what you want in a new pet.

Kenobi is a fantastic name for any pet but best applies to the rare “Shichipinschnoodle,” a Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer mix who is a textbook rescue mutt— sweet, adorable, and full of love to give.

Ultimately, any Star Wars name can work for your pet as long as you love your precious animal even more than we love our beloved franchise from a galaxy far, far away.

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What do you think of this list? Did I leave any great names out? Does your pet have a Star Wars-inspired name? Sound off in the comments below.