The top 10 Star Wars names for your pet

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Photo credit: Lucasfilm.

The Commons: Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Yoda, or Jedi

For obvious reasons, the big three are among the most popular Star Wars names selected by pet owners. While this is certainly understandable, we Star Wars fans love our deeper cuts, so these names will not be making the list.

Any list of pet names is also destined to include Chewie and Yoda, two of the more adorable members of the Star Wars galaxy. But if you’re looking at this list, you’ve definitely already considered those names, so let’s go deeper

Surprisingly, Jedi has become a very popular Star Wars related pet name, which is undoubtedly a cool choice as it has everything a pet owner could want in a name: brevity, a strong consonant sound at the beginning, and the ability to be formed into a multitude of cuddly and adorable nicknames. But as previously stated, we want deeper cut names for this list, so it won’t be making the top 10.

Without further adieu, on to the list.