The top 10 Star Wars names for your pet

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Photo credit: Lucasfilm.

9. Rey

Episodes VII-IX have given us many great new characters with memorable names like Finn, Poe Dameron, Rose Tico, General Hux, and Supreme Leader Snoke. However, the names that seem to have risen to the top in the sequel trilogy are Kylo Ren and Rey. While Kylo might sound like the perfect pet name, something about naming your pet after a character who stabbed his father, almost blew up his mother, sliced his mentor in half, and desperately wanted to kill his uncle seems like an inherently bad precedent to set in a new fur-baby and fur-parent relationship.

Rey, on the other hand, is a strong name that lacks the negativity of Kylo. She is a strong-willed and determined character who, as of this pre-episode XI writing, seems to be the future leader of the Force and whatever the Jedi Order might look like moving forward. Star Wars is also severely lacking in female names, so when one as perfect as Rey is on the table, you have to choose it.

A name like Rey is perfect for a young adopted pet who seems eager to please and wants nothing more than to belong in her new family.