The top 10 Star Wars names for your pet

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Photo credit: Lucasfilm.

4. Kanan or Ahsoka

What The Clone Wars started on Cartoon Network, Rebels and Resistance continued on the Disney Channel, and The Mandalorian and Cassian Andor series will usher into the Disney+ streaming service. The world of Star Wars television, which is now growing even more, is an excellent place to find pet names.

Names like Rex, Cody, Zeb, Hera, Sabine, Chopper, Ezra, Kazuda, Tam, and Griff abound, but the strongest options in this category are Kanan and Ahsoka. There is a multitude of similarities between these two characters. Both were Padawans who did not complete their training. Both survived the Clone Wars and Palpatine’s Order 66. These are tough characters with a strong moral sense about them. These are characters who provide that Jedi flavor without the rules that make it so difficult to be a part of the Jedi Order.

Either Kanan or Ahsoka could be a strong choice for a pet name. While Ahsoka does have a certain quality to it that makes it fitting for a cat, both of these names would be best for dogs. Both sound like active dogs who would love to play and fetch like a Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, or Border Collie.