Holiday Gift Guide: The Empire Strikes Back Han Solo Jacket


Looking for a unique Star Wars gift for that special someone? For Han Solo fans, Film Jackets is here to help with the Han Solo jacket from The Empire Strikes Back.

Film Jackets offers jackets, coats, hoodies, and other clothing items for men and women including a Star Wars Shop, which has a Han Solo jacket.

Our favorite scoundrel has quite impressive taste when it comes to clothing. More specifically I am talking about the Han Solo black jacket from The Empire Strikes Back. It is a simple, yet unique design for the space smuggler who went from accepting one job with the promise of notoriety to becoming heavily involved in the Rebellion. He was practical and able to adapt, becoming a true believer of The Force.

So what makes his jacket an ideal gift during this festive time of year? To start this jacket is iconic. Aside from a blaster at the hip or Chewbacca by your side, there is no mistake. This looks exactly like Han Solo’s jacket.

Han Solo Jacket from The Empire Strikes Back – Film Jackets. Photo credit: Jennifer Renson

While this jacket will be noticed by fellow Star Wars fans at conventions or costume parties for its impressive attention to detail it is also comfortable enough to wear as an everyday, casual jacket between seasons. According to the “Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Han Solo Jacket” page on the Film Jackets website, the jacket “is made of cotton fabric while viscose is stitched inside to make it soft and cozy. There are two inner pockets and five outside pockets, including one on the sleeve.”

I received a sample jacket in exchange for an honest review, having gotten a size medium. Though the shoulders may be a bit large on me, the medium overall fits like a glove. It is a very comfortable jacket. The sleeves were also the perfect length for my long arms.

I loved the fact that the jacket has five hooks on the inside so that you have the option to close or keep it open. If I wanted to leave the jacket open, it remained close to the sides of my torso. I was slightly worried that the collar would bother my neck but was pleasantly surprised to find it was as comfortable as the rest of the jacket. It was snug but never tight, meaning that I will be able to wear layers underneath.

Han Solo Jacket from The Empire Strikes Back – Film Jackets. Photo credit: Jennifer Renson

Truth be told I felt empowered when I tried this on. Han Solo may not have the same ambiance as a Jedi but he has the aura of confidence. That was what made him likable and relatable at the same time. That was how I felt wearing this jacket. I’d doubt anyone would feel any differently. It’s recognizable and stylish at the same time.

The jacket is in stock, currently 48% off and has received positive reviews. You can check out the jacket here. This jacket will easily be a conversation starter, showing your Star Wars pride with great style and comfort.

I am very thankful to have received this jacket and look forward to wearing it during the warmer months.

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What do you think of the Han Solo Jacket? Are you a Han Solo fan? Have you finished your holiday shopping? Leave your answers in the comment section below! I’d love to read them!