Star Wars: Did Snoke die to gain more power in death?


Did Snoke really not know Kylo Ren was going to strike him down in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Or was there a more sinister plan in place?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens gave us a glimpse of a rather ruthless leader who seemed bent of ending the Resistance. He seemed to stop at nothing while using Kylo Ren as his puppet to carry out his orders.

The two seemed like a very solid duo. Leader and apprentice. The Last Jedi gave us great questions in did Kylo Ren really turn on his Master? Did he really have feelings for Rey? Or were master and apprentice teaming together in a much more sinister way?

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If Obi-Wan knew dying would make him more powerful – if Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader also knew this – then we would need to think Snoke and Ren knew as well. As they were well versed in the Sith way.

Did Snoke allow Kylo to strike him down in order to become more powerful? That would be a rather large twisted, well, twist. Not too mention what exactly would Ren be getting out of the deal?

Kylo Ren seemed bright enough to have knowledge of goings on. He also seemed bent on carrying out the Supreme Leader’s orders. If Snoke had force awareness surely he would have sensed Ren was about to kill him. Was that just an act so that he could kill him and take over as First Order leader?

Yet, Snoke did not try to protect himself. Why? He was seemingly in the middle of training Kylo Ren. He had to know Ren was not ready to be the leader. If Snoke did indeed willingly die, he would have been the first Sith-ish character to do so.

This is a burning question that J.J. Abrams must bring clarity to. It may help to clear up some of the muddled mess TLJ left behind. It would also go along way in showing just what the two were trying to achieve.

Right now fans no very little about Supreme Leader Snoke. Going into more detail would bring a better vision to the darkside and the inward struggle to find balance through your beliefs.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled release December 20, 2019.