The Mandalorian: 5 Pitches for the live-action Star Wars TV series

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Revisit planets from previous movies

While this TV show is said to take place in the outer rim, there has never been a Star War show or movie that has been isolated to just one planet. I see no issue with introducing new worlds into the universe, but I think revisiting a few old ones along the way would be interesting to include.

When I say this, I don’t mean seeing more of Tattooine or other desert planets because personally, I feel we’ve seen too much of those. Rather, The Mandalorian should take advantage of the fact that there are many worlds currently in the Star Wars lore that have been relatively unexplored.

For example, despite being included in all three of the prequel films, the planet of Coruscant was largely unexplored. Despite being described as a “city-covered planet”, very little of it was shown aside from the Jedi temple and the chancellor’s office.

Episode II gave us one of the few looks into the planet’s underworld. For those who don’t recall, although the scene was brief, Anakin and Obi-Wan chase an assassin through Coruscant’s street level and into a dive bar, filled with shady characters and one of them even offers to sell Obi-Wan death sticks, which is a hallucinogen drug in the Star Wars universe. They quickly find the assassin and take her outside for interrogation, but she is killed by Jango Fett before she can get into detail.

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Despite what your opinions of the prequels are, the Coruscant underworld remains an interesting part of the universe, and one that remains largely unexplored. It’s potential addition to the Mandalorian show would be a welcome one, and would offer insight into an area of the prequels fans have been wanting to see.

Another place I’d like to be revisited, this time from the original trilogy, would be Cloud City. The planet of Bespin, which Cloud City floats above, is located in the Outer Rim, so it’s inclusion would actually fit better into the narrative of The Mandalorian living in the outskirts of the galaxy.

While it was prominently featured in The Empire Strikes Back, that was it’s only real appearance in the movies, and is another location the show should consider including. While it doesn’t necessarily have the potential of an underworld crime story, not much of cloud city was really explored and if nothing else, it would be a cool little call back from the original trilogy.

Additionally, with today’s CGI technology, this would also give us the potential of seeing a digitally de-aged Billie D. Williams reprise is role as Lando Calrissian for a cameo, which I feel would be a welcome inclusion.