Review of Vader: A Star Wars Theory Fan Film

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Following his dream about confronting and killing the Emperor, Vader is summoned to his master’s chambers.

Emperor Sidious senses Vader’s anger and inner conflict, and berates him for not channeling his anger, and even orders him to strike him down, but Vader refuses. The Emperor calls him pathetic and blames his inability to reach his full potential due to his attachments from his old life as a Jedi. Vader states that Anakin Skywalker is dead, but Sidious continues his verbal assault, saying that he was much more powerful before when he was Skywalker, and he continues to tell him to embrace his hatred, but Vader still refuses and doesn’t attack his master, despite his inner desires.

Regardless of this, in another attempt to test his apprentice, the Emperor sends him to the planet of Naboo to track down and kill a Jedi who clone troopers have confirmed to be in hiding there. This is also meant to torment Vader further however, as Naboo is his late wife’s home world, and the site of her final resting place.

Sidious also says that the Jedi is on Naboo likely because he knows Vader’s true identity and is trying to draw him out. Sidious tells him to embrace his hatred and take out this rogue Jedi, and in doing so he will achieve a greater power as a Sith. Vader then sets out for Naboo.

A quick note here. Contrary to the poor force lightning effect I mentioned previously, the cut scenes visualizing Vader’s ship flying through space and eventually landing on Naboo are terrific. These short scenes are on par with some movies and stick out because I feel that I rarely see CGI effects this well done on fan films. Very well done.

On Naboo, Vader is debriefed by a clone trooper, who gives a brief rundown on the Jedi’s whereabouts, and that he has barricaded himself in the catacombs below the mausoleum they are walking through. The clone trooper says that they blasted a hole into the catacombs and sent squads in to take him out, but so far none of them have come back alive.

As Vader approaches the hole into the catacombs, he once again hears Padme whisper his old name.

He stares down into the catacombs and hears blaster fire, the hum of a lightsaber and a few clones calling out for more reinforcements and for help. Then everything goes silent.

The hum of a lightsaber is once again heard and a blue glow appears from inside the catacombs. Vader ignites his red lightsaber, stares down into the catacombs and the film cuts to black.

End of Vader Episode I: Shards of the Past