Snips: the evolution of Ahsoka Tano

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After being framed

Ahsoka held very different views after she left the Jedi Order. She felt Barriss had a point about the Jedi’s outdated methods. She did not agree with Offee’s views, seeing terrorism as going a step too far.

During the time of the Empire, Ahsoka accompanied Kanan and Ezra to an abandoned Jedi Temple on Lothal. Kanan and Ezra ask her if she’d join them in opening the Temple. She declines telling them she is no longer a Jedi. They open the temple and they go inside with her.

Despite no longer being a Jedi, she continued using the Force. At one point, she felt she no longer needed to use the Force and tried to cut herself off from it. She realized she could be an agent of the Force rather than be Jedi or a Sith.

Near Death

During her life, Ahsoka died once, was resurrected and has almost died dozens of times. She’s got electrocuted more times than she got thrown around. It’s a miracle she didn’t sustain brain damage after all the hits she took.

Let’s not forget her death of Mortis. The Daughter sacrificed her own life to bring our favorite Padawan back. During the Imperial era, we saw  Ahsoka followed by a Convor, a bird-like creature which acted as her guide.

When she went up against Darth Vader, she held her own early in the fight. Because Vader taught her when he was still Anakin, he wore her down. He might’ve killed her if future Ezra hadn’t pulled her through a doorway into the World Between Worlds.

Questions That Need Answering

While Ahsoka knew about Anakin and Padmé, there’s no evidence to suggest she knew about Padmé’s pregnancy with Luke and Leia. As far as we’re aware, Ahsoka didn’t see Padmé again after her trial.

According to the Ahsoka novel, when Ahsoka met up with Bail Organa, the senator sent Leia out of the room before Ahsoka entered. He also tells her that there were things he couldn’t tell her. This alludes to him keeping Leia and Luke’s existence and paternity a secret. Organa likely did this to not just protect Leia, but to stop Ahsoka from questioning how much she knew about Anakin and Padmé. If she saw Leia, she’d see straight away who the girl was and who her biological parents were. Bail wouldn’t be able to keep information like that from her for long.

Another question that should be answered is why Ahsoka didn’t go after Maul after she saved Rex and helped him fake their deaths.  She probably thought he was gunned down during the Clone Wars or had escaped into the unknown regions.

A final question would be what happened to Ahsoka during the journey she and Sabine went on to find Ezra? We know she survived the Imperial regime.  She could have met Luke and Leia and told them what their father was like. She might’ve been thrown in a reference to their mother.

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Ahsoka was one character in Star Wars whom people came to love. Sure, she was originally branded as worse than Jar Jar, but people quickly changed their minds. She evolved into a character fans admired.  When she first appeared, she was a teenage girl who wanted to prove her worth to her master.