Billie Lourd shares emotional tribute to her mother Carrie Fisher


Billie Lourd shared a touching and emotional tribute to her mother, Carrie Fisher, on the second anniversary of her death.

If you’ve ever lost anyone, the death date is always something that hits hard. There’s no preparing for it as it’s the kind of day where you feel the sadness as so many different memories assail you.

On the second anniversary of Carrie Fisher’s death, her daughter Billie Lourd offered a heartfelt, emotional tribute in an Instagram post.

While we have lost a princess and a general, she lost a mother – such a profound loss to the being that unless you have been there, it’s hard to fully understand. But Lourd shared her grief with the world, allowing us to miss her too.

In Lourd’s Instagram caption she wrote that Fisher said, “Take your broken heart and turn it into art.”

Lourd’s song and tribute to her mother was exactly that. It didn’t need to be perfect because it was straight from the heart. She took something that was deeply personal for her and her mother, and created art to share to the world – for Star Wars fans all over the world to get a glimpse of it.

Lourd wasn’t the only Star Wars alum paying tribute to Carrie Fisher on this day.

Mark Hamill shared Lourd’s post on his social media and also recognized the fans for their outpouring of love for Carrie Fisher. But what else could we do? Those who are missing Carrie Fisher wrote about it, drew pictures, shared their feelings on social media – all different ways of taking their broken hearts and turning it into something beautiful.

I appreciate Lourd allowing us to see this vulnerable side of her. It’s something that touched Fisher’s friends and fans around the world.

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