Star Wars: Things we’re looking forward to in 2019

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Photo credit: Lucasfilm/The Clone Wars

As much as there is quite a lot to be excited about for Star Wars in 2019, I am really keeping my eyes on the television in the coming year. Filling in gaps between the saga films is some rich territory and it looks like 2019 will prove to be a gold mine for that material.

First, we get The Clone Wars final arc explaining just how Ahsoka and Rex got away from the Empire and Order 66 during the siege of Mandalore.  I’ve been looking forward to learning that since we discovered who Fulcrum was on Star Wars: Rebels.

And speaking of Rebels, how can I not be excited that Cassian Andor, the Rebel spy from my favorite Star Wars movie Rogue One will have his own series? The potential to tie together some great characters like Bail Organa, Saw Gerrera, and (fingers crossed) even Enfys Nest could make this a dynamic and bold series. Maybe this is a prime opportunity for Millie Bobbie Brown of Stranger Things to wear the hairbuns of a certain Alderaanian Princess learning to be a Rebel?

Finally, looking forward to what happens post-Return of the Jedi in the new The Mandalorian.  As excited as I am for Pablo Pascal in the lead role, bringing Gina Carano into the Star Wars universe is a great move (check out her film Haywire to see her as a natural action lead). I can’t imagine how Werner Herzog will play into all of this, but so excited to find out.

So yes, 2019 should be a great year for backstories in the Star Wars universe, even before we cap off the Skywalker Saga. Can’t wait to see it all!

— Daniel Foster