Star Wars: Episode IX: Darth Vader to return? Is it a good idea?


Rumors about Darth Vader returning in Star Wars: Episode IX are circulating again. Would it really be a good idea to bring back the Sith Lord?

Once again the rumor about Darth Vader returning in Star Wars: Episode IX are back. With fresh new evidence, it’s looking likely the Sith Lord will be making an appearance in the up-and-coming installment. But should he return? Is it really a good idea?

Shortly before Christmas, Peter Sciretta, Editor of Slashfilm, dropped a late Christmas present for Star Wars fans. Letting everyone know that some hints about what is to come in Star Wars: Episode IX is hidden away in Star Wars: The Force Awakens early concept art.

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Naturally, fans pretty much explored every bit of detail available in the concept art looking for clues. There are plenty of clues there but one that grew more and more popular was the idea of Darth Vader returning as a Sith Ghost in Star Wars: Episode IX. 

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Concept art shows this was an idea that was strongly considered for The Force Awakens but it obviously never came to be.

Now while the leading theory amongst the fandom is Darth Vader returning. Peter Sciretta did come back to squash down the idea of the….sort of.

It depends on your point of view. Some of you will see this as confirmation Darth Vader will not be returning in Star Wars: Episode IX. However, Sciretta said Anakin, not Vader, and he said not alive, not coming back as a Force Ghost. So, in keeping an open mind like a lot of fans it’s always still possible.

But should Darth Vader come back?

The gut reaction is yes, of course. I don’t think anybody was disappointed when he showed up in the final few minutes of Rogue One. But then again, it was only in the final minutes. In the scenes prior, Darth Vader was nothing short of pointless and for fan service alone really.

It’s a case of if they bring back Vader, they need to do it right. Not for fan service. Too many characters, and not just Star Wars characters, are brought back purely for fan service alone. Where they become rather pointless in the overall plot and would do better as a prop in the background. Or, in some cases, they have their character arc completely flipped upside down, almost ruining the characters entire story completely.

So while I would love to see the Darth Vader return, wielding his lightsaber once again. It has to be done right, and I don’t think I would want to risk potentially overhauling an amazing character for “potentially” getting it right.

I think he should be left as awesome as he is, and left out of Episode IX. But that’s just me.

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What do you think? Would you like to see Darth Vader return in Episode IX? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.