Star Wars: How did Maz Kanata obtain the Skywalker lightsaber?

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Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back] LucasfilmLando Calrissian

In all likelihood, this is where Lando will finally enter the sequel trilogy. He was the man in charge of Cloud City at the time the lightsaber was last seen, and despite his flight from Bespin at the end of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the Aftermath novels detail scenes where he and Lobot return to Cloud City to retake control from the Empire.

In the Bloodlines novel, Lando is back as a man of authority in Cloud City.  So it makes perfect sense that when the Skywalker lightsaber was discovered, it would’ve been turned over to Lando.  Maybe he gave it to Maz, or more likely he lost it betting on sabaac.

Granted, I think Lando’s role in the sequels will be more expansive than simply “the man who found the lightsaber,” but I think it’s a perfect way to reintroduce his character and to provide a satisfying tie-in for this story.

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How do you think the Skywalker lightsaber found its way into Maz Kanata’s possession?