Star Wars: Episode IX: Do we want big battles or a great story?


Would you rather have big flashy space battles and lightsaber duels in Star Wars: Episode IX? Or is the story more important to you?

In a perfect world, we would have both. But we rarely get perfect these days. So if it all came down to it, would you rather have Star Wars: Episode IX go out with a bang? As in a massive space battle bang? Or would you rather just have a fantastic story told?

We’ve seen Star Wars opt for one, but not the other, in the past. Whether it was deliberate I’m not sure, but we have seen it favor one over the other. The Star Wars prequel movies are a good example of going for the flashy battles rather than the compelling story.

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While we all enjoyed the one-on-one duels, and massive space battles. We could have done with less of the dialogue. Especially the sand stuff.

On the flip side: If we were to take a look at the Star Wars: Thrawn novels. The storytelling was key rather than flashy battles, for obvious reasons. But the storytelling was so gripping and exciting you didn’t care that we didn’t get the flashy battles.

Apart from the original trilogy, the animated Clone Wars series are probably the only ones who have come close to getting the formula right. You can go from one episode watching a huge, epic battle, and then, in the next, watch a fascinating, gripping, story being told.

So what would be best for Star Wars: Episode IX? If we had to choose one over the other what would be better? The storytelling or battles?

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Everyone is different, so there is no right or wrong answer here, but I’m inclined to say the storytelling has to be what is on point here. Star Wars can put in as many explosions, flying spacecraft, stormtroopers, blaster bolts, and lightsabers as they want. If it doesn’t have a compelling and great story then there is just no point watching it really.

And with this being the end to the Skywalker story as well. We need something that wraps up this legendary tale properly. We need closure, a proper ending, not a “then he woke up, realizing it was all a dream.” You can put in as many flashy battles as you want, but if you end the story like that, then it wasn’t worth it.

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How would you like to see Star Wars: Episode IX end? With a great story or flashy battles? What is more important to you? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.