Star Wars: Compare and contrast: Phasma vs. Fett

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Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back]LucasfilmBoba Fett: Zero. We can assume somewhere along the line there were some disintegrations or else Vader would not have admonished the bounty hunter, but in the course of all of Fett’s film appearances, he kills no one.

Even when he holds the upper hand against Luke Skywalker on the skiff in Return of the Jedi an unfortunate blast from one of Jabba’s men knocks him down. We have to give him points for patience though; in The Empire Strikes Back he tracks the Millennium Falcon after it disguises itself as Imperial garbage.  Without a hyperdrive, it must take them at least several months to get to Bespin. That is perseverance if not lethality.

Captain Phasma likewise does not kill anyone directly in her theatrical appearances. She does however order a few dozen pious villagers in the village of Tuanul to be mowed down. The town was a settlement formed by various members of the Church of the Force, making this a particularly heinous military action.

In that aforementioned deleted scene from The Last Jedi, Phasma does gun down four of her own troops; But if I couldn’t count it before, I can’t count it now.  Accepting that Phasma trains her Stormtrooper corps to kill without regard, and only Finn breaks his programming to resist, we see the tyranny of the First Order at Phasma’s command. When she orders destruction it is swift, remorseless, and brutal. Given the nature of command responsibility, I am willing to credit Phasma with the Tuanul villagers.

Advantage: Phasma